• AD9643: Sampling delay between ADC0 and ADC1

    could you please advise the sampling delay between ADC0 and ADC1 - I was not
    able to find it in the datasheet


    I have had similar questions come up in the past and the design of the AD9643
    is to keep the sampling instant of the converters as close…

  • AD9643 Junction-to-case (top) thermal resistance


    Please tell me the "Junction-to-case (top) thermal resistance" information of AD9643.

    Thank you.

  • AD9522-4驱动7片AD9643

    请问,用AD9522-4驱动7片9643,驱动能力够吗?我们实际在用的过程中,同时驱动6片AD9643 是正常的,到7片的时候,每次都会有一路AD空采样出的数据畸形?

  • AD9643 test mode 1/0 toggle

    I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Our customer will use AD9643.

    Data sheet mentions Test mode(0x0D) =“1110” is 1/0 word toggle.

    AD9643 has the interleaved mode and multiplexed mode.

    Does Dn in the interleaved mode output as shown in Dn(A)…

  • Ask a question about LVDS signal layout design of AD9643


    AD9643 is a high speed ADC with LVDS (ANSI-644 levels) outputs, when doing the PCB layout design,is it necessary to make one of the LVDS output differential pair or all the differential pairs

    be the same length? Do you have any suggestions or user…

  • RE: AD9643

    duplicate entry

  • RE: AD9643

    PCB diff trace is 100ohm 

  • RE: sync multi AD9643

    please see CHANNEL/CHIP SYNCHRONIZATION  section in datasheet

  • RE: about AD9643 Ibis

    the ibis models seem to be generated pretty conservatively. try using a scope probe on the eval board, it would be better.