• RE: AD9643

    duplicate entry

  • RE: AD9643

    PCB diff trace is 100ohm 

  • RE: sync multi AD9643

    please see CHANNEL/CHIP SYNCHRONIZATION  section in datasheet

  • RE: about AD9643 Ibis

    the ibis models seem to be generated pretty conservatively. try using a scope probe on the eval board, it would be better. 

  • RE: problem to connect the AD9643 and AD9684 to FPGA!

    please refer to AD9643 datasheet for information on the digital outputs and absolute maximum ratings, 

  • AD9643

    想问下使用AD9643如何实现切换 0-1V  //-1~1V的两种信号,有成熟的的硬件方案?

  • AD9643 registers


    In revision D of AD9643 the BIST enable register 0x0E is not given but in Revision B it was given. So is there any other setting that is used for starting the bist ? How to enable this feature ?



  • AD9643

    AD9643 have two  pin configurations, Parallel LVDS  and  Multiplexed (Even/Odd) LVDS; Which one do AD9643BCPZ-250 belong to?

  • AD9643

    从数据手册看,AD9643芯片有两种管脚定义方式, Parallel LVDS 和 Multiplexed (Even/Odd) LVDS 。请问AD9643BCPZ-250属于哪一种管脚定义方式?

  • AD9643

    The analog input of ad9643 evaluation board is a 1:1 transformer. Is the differential line impedance from the transformer to the chip end controlled as differential 50 ohms in PCB design? But looking at the Gerber file of the evaluation board, it seems…