• RE: Question about AD9642-250 register seting

    Hi, you do not need to write to ALL registers. you only need to write to the registers whose default value you need to change. we cannot give you all address and bit locations as some of the addresses pertain to the inner workings of the ADC. they do…

  • AD9642-250 ADC performance at 1.2GHz


    we are looking an ADC with FPBW of 1.2GHz. During our search came across AD9642-250 device.

    Data sheet says the FPBW of the device is 1GHz(Typical Value) also the AC Specifications are given for Input Frequency upto 220MHz only.

    Can any one share the…

  • Question about AD9642-250 input

    The customer wants to apply the HMC1190A output (IF1P / N) to the input (VIN +/-) of the AD9642-250.

    The customer wants to use differential BPF as below specification.
    Fc = 184.32MHZ
    BW = 100MHZ (114.32MHZ@-40dB / 254.32MHz@-40dB)

    How should I change…

  • AD9642 digital output driving strength?

    Dear Experts,

    I have several questions regarding the driving strength of digital output of AD9642, whose product info is in the webage below.


    * Is there any requirement/recommendation on the digital output…

  • Question about AD9642



    I have some questions about AD9642. Please take care of this case.


    1): Question about an anti-aliasing filter for 50 ohm differential line.

    I'll use AD4930-1 and AD9642, and I'm looking at Figure 47. in AD9642 data sheet.

    There is…

  • AD9642 spi

    I can only read via SPI (ID CODE ,ETC), but  the write bit is not accepted, nothing happened when write , I observe the time sequence of spi which meet the requirement of the datashete, what should I do ? 

  • RE: AD9642 hairy sinewave

    I also have this problem,  I can only read via SPI (ID code, etc..) Write process (R/W bit zero) is not accepted - nothing happens. Can you tell me  how to solve this problem??

  • Input stage simulation of AD9642

    Dear experts

    We are designing an ASIC (rather low noise and high BW TIA) which we are interfacing with AD9642 @ 160 MHz for data acquisition and we are comparing the performances of  this setup with the same asic interfaced with a differential buffer …

  • RE: AD9642

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