• AD9640 brd


    From ADI website, we can get AD9640 Evaluation Board Family Gerber Files (Rev. C), please advise  where we can get the .brd file for reference. 



  • AD9640 clocking


    The datasheet says AD9640 supports LVDS clocking and even gives an example of this.

    However, the Table 5, row 1 specifies differential clock input levels as

    High input level: 1.2V(min) to 3.6V(max)

    Low input level: 0V(min) to 0.8V(max)

    These levels…

  • AD9640 output test mode.

    Dear all,

    Please help me.

    First, I use DRVDD = 1.8V, differential clock input, and the output test mode is OK.

    Then I swith to use DRVDD = 3.3V, single end clock input.

    The SPI read is OK, and I can read out Chip ID (address 0x01)

    But when I try…

  • AD9640: Maximum and minimum aperture delay

    Regarding the Timing Characteristics of the 9640D device, do you have more
    detailed data for the - APERTURE DELAY: i.e. MIN and MAX values, around the
    1.0ns typ stated on the datasheet - APERTURE DELAY VARIATION: i.e. between two
  • Unused analog input of AD9640


    My customer is encountered that should be used only one of the two analog inputs of AD9640.

    In this case, what is the best solution to connect the unused analog input pins(VIN+/-A or VIN+/-B) ?

    Directly to ground or AC coupled to ground or Not…

  • CML connection of AD9640's unused AIN


    I had a question about unused AIN pin connection of AD9640 for my customer as below.

    Unused analog input of AD9640

    Unfortunately, my customer can not change the hardware on customized board. So, she can not exactly apply the recommended connection…

  • AD9640 ADC peak monitor 20-bit fixed-point number

    Regarding  RMS magnitude signal monitoring feature of AD9640 ADC, The datasheet says that,

    "For rms magnitude mode, the value in the signal monitor result (SMR) register is a 20-bit fixed-point number."

    How long is the word length and fraction…

  • ad9640的电压参考,没有看明白

      请教一下问题:主要是ad9640   datasheet第27页的Programmable Reference(如下datasheet中的截图),这种参考电压设计如何实现?


    那么,datasheet中的第44页,memory map中的0x18寄存器中,reference voltage selection的设置,当外部R1和R2的数值确定了,修改该配置,还能改变AD的参考电压吗?

  • 关于AD9640差分时钟、模拟输入与PCB布局的使用疑问






  • PECL input design of ADC clock

    My customer is considering PECL clock input for AD9640 and AD9643.

    The reference circuit of the AD9640 and AD9643 on the datasheet is differed from each other as follows.

    Please tell her what is the best solution for a 100 ohm termination resister…