• AD9637

    Hello all,

    I have a PCB board with AD9222 on it.

    I replaced it with the faster AD9637- and it is working .

    I noticed that pins 13 and 36 on the AD9637 are marked DNC, but on AD9222 they are connected to ground.

    Can some tell me it is OK to leave this…

  • AD9637-80EBZ

    Hi everyone,

    I think i want to order the AD9637-80EBZ Evaluation board along with the  HSC-ADC-EVALCZ in order to capture signals simultaneously for further processing. However, i have the following question :

    * How can i process all the acquired data…

  • AD9637 unexpected power-down


    Our job is to debug and characterize custom image sensors. To do this we developed our own test systems that contain ADC's from Analog Devices.

    One system has four AD9637’s, the other has eight AD9257’s. In both systems, the ADC’s have near…

  • Advantage of using AD9637 in downgrade mode


    What is the benefit/usage of AD9637 in downgrade mode by setting register values (0x100) in register map?


    "Resolution/Sample Rate Override (Register 0x100)

    This register is designed to allow the user to downgrade the device. Any attempt…

  • AD9637 DC shift at different clock frequencies


    I am using the AD9637BCPZ-80.

    I have to shift the VCM down ~ neg 0.9VDC in order to accommodate a positive gaussian pulse of ~2V p-p amplitude. 

    The CLK +/- pins for the AD are driven by the LTC6950 PLL set to 8x the input clock (AC coupled).


  • Initialize HSC-ADC-EVALCZ & AD9637 through Matlab/DLLs

    Hi Dougl,

    You've been very helpful with getting the AD9633 testing up and running and I'm very happy.   I now need to evaluate the AD9637-80 to see if the 8 channels will give us some enough benefit to use it or an equivalent.   Since the EVALCZ…

  • ADA4937-2作为AD9637驱动问题


  • AD9637-80 Digital output timing at 75Msps


    I am using the AD9637-80, and it works fine up to 65Msps.

    But when I increase the sampling frequency to 75MHz, I get corrupted data.

    I checked the timing with my scope, and found that at 65Msps (=780Mbit/s line rate), I see the data lines changing…

  • AD9637 channel to channel amplitude unbalance is 6dB

    when using AD9637 to perform IF sampling,I found that channel to channel amplitude unbalance is 6dB max,the IF frequecy is 260MHz.The front analog is typical RF transform circuit (datasheet p19,figure 47) with TC1-1T+.when setting IF frequecy to 5MHz…