• RE: AD9253 and AD9633 ADC power: 1 vs 2 lane LVDS

    Hello Umesh,

    The 1-lane 1x Frame mode will not support full sample rate (125MSPS) for AD9633. Is it because of the maximum speed of one lane, the limitation is 1G?

    Can i configure it at 100Msps@10-bit with 1-lane 1x frame mode (It means the LVDS output…

  • Interfacing AD9633 eval board with ML605 using an ADI working reference design

    Hi everyone,

    In the past month, I've modified the reference design for the AD9279 to capture data from a 4 channel ADC card. I am evaluating two ADCs, a TI product, and the AD9633. The interface with the TI product functions well, which means my modifications…

  • HSC - ADC - EVALC Capture Board with AD9633. Communication with C code or Labview application.



    I have acquired the HSC-ADC- EVALC capture board to interfacing and capture data from the ADC AD9633 evaluation board. I don't have problems using the provided software, VisualAnalog. I can capture the data from the ADC without any issues.…

  • A problem when using AD9633 interface with FPGA

    Dear experts,I have a problem when using AD9633 interface with FPGA;

    In my board, there are a FPGA of V6 and 4 ADCs with sampling rate at 80Mhz; I use the FPGA to configure the ADCs through SPI ports and capture the sampling datas.

    I have finished…


    Hi IITH,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9253.

    Kindly check the power supply of the AD9253. The CR103 LED will be on to confirm if it is powered on.

    You can also refer to the Troubleshooting Tips section of the user guide link below.



    Hi IITH,

    Yes, I recommend that your analog input voltage is around 2Vpp in order to get the optimized performance of the ADC, and that analog input is per channel.

    The common-mode voltage is a dc bias voltage in the analog input pins, with that said that…

  • RE: How do you access the FTP site?

    Hi aoinwerounb,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9253. I'm sorry about the confusion. The software for evaluation is available on analog.com .

    VisualAnalog: VisualAnalog | Analog Devices

    SPIController: SPIController | Design Center | Analog Devices

  • RE: Initialize HSC-ADC-EVALCZ & AD9637 through Matlab/DLLs

    Hi Mark,


    Regarding the "two lane" output vs "one lane" output:

    • AD9633 in its default configuration has two output lanes per channel. If you look at the timing diagram in Figure 2 of the AD9633 datasheet, you see that output…
  • RE: Unrecognized USB device on HSC-ADC-EVALCZ

    Hello Dougl,

    Let's see if you can help me, I'm gonna try to be more precise this time...

    First, regarding the thread that you linked, I had already checked it. Also I checked this one, here it seemed that TonyM contacted personally with the user…