• The driver circuit of AD9633 or AD9681

    Hi Guys,

    We are using many AD9218 chips, and the driver using AD8138, which is ideally suited for broadband dc-coupled applications. The AD9218 datasheet also gives the reference circuit by using AD813x devcies.

    I read the datasheet of AD9633 and AD9681…

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  • AD9633/HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Visual Analog comparison to Oscope not matching

    I'm comparing data captured by the oscope and by the ad9633/evalcz combo using Visual Analog default data capture and I'm not understanding the difference.

    vs Visual Analog Graph:

    It doesn't quite look like it's reversed, and it's supposed…

  • RE: HSC-ADC-EVALCZ and AD9633 (125 MSPS) evaluation boards. It doesn't work.

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  • RE: AD9633-105 Single-input configuration.

    Hi CCloris,

    Please see https://ez.analog.com/thread/95620 for a response to this.

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  • Questions: When ADA4930 driving AD9633

    1. The input common-mode voltage range of ADA4930-2 should be 0.3~2.8V. But, i found this parameter has different range in Chinese version datasheet, where is 0.3~1.2V. Also, there is same issue about output voltage range.

    2. There are two blocks between…

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  • AD9633 Measurement

    Hi all,


    We bought an AD9633 80MSPS and make a PCB to do the measurement.

    But we find out there are some codes will go wrong on some regular voltage with the 80MHz CLK.



    (no error In 20 MHz or 40MHz CLK)

    (We didn't use the SPI to change any default…

  • AD9633 Over Range Behavior

    Does the AD9633 have any indication of an Over Range / Clip condition?  The behavior that I am seeing is that the ADC code seems to wrap back to zero (using Offset Binary).

  •   请问 按照AD9253的评估板绘制的PCB可以直接用于AD9633么 ?

    请问 按照AD9253的评估板绘制的PCB可以直接用于AD9633么 ?