• RE: AD9633 RTL Code

    Hi Iulia,

    Chrome cannot open it, but fortunately Internet explorer worked. I downloaded the file.

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  • The questions for AD9633

    What are the VCM pins and sync pins of the chip AD9633?How to connect with the FPGA?

    What should be paid attention to in the software program?

  • AD9633-125

    Can the chip work properly in all four channels at the same time, and the sampling rate of each channel can reach 125M?

  • AD9633 and zynq fpga connection

    If the layer voltage of fpga is set to 2.5v, and the interface protocol is set to lvds25 in vivado, the voltage of AD9633 is 1.8v, and the multiple groups of LVDS of AD can be directly connected to the difference line of the bank, is there any problem…

  • SPI of AD9633

    As shown in the above figure,Read the register for AD9633,

    The number read out should be 0x60, but the actual number read out is 0x63. What causes this?

  • AD9633 LVDS Measurement

    1、What is the correct starting sequence for this new product AD9633?Is it necessary to set SPI before sampling?

    2、What's the difference between these two models:bitwise and bytewise?

    3、Why are DCO clocks divided into DDR and SDR? Does this need to…

  • AD9633 Pseudo Random Number Generator

    My customer has written a couple of programs to simulate the 23-bit shift register in the AD9633 with feedback taps on the 23rd and 18th bits, so that the FPGA can eventually check that the bits from the ADC match the pseudorandom sequence. He is having…

  • AD9633 SPI problem


    I am trying to communicate with the AD9633 on the EVAL-AD9633. I basically plugged in the board and connected an external SPI master to the USB_SDI, USB_SCLK, USB_CSB and ISB_SDO pins.

    Using the recommeded jumper connection on J302 (1-2, 4-5 and…

  • Setting FIFO size per channel using DLLs for AD9633 & hsc-adc-evalc


    I'm communicating to the ad9633 eval board and the HSC-ADC-EVALC through the use of the DLLs as described in other posts.  But I'm unclear how to set the size of the 64k FIFO for a given channel.  So if I want all 4 to have 16k so they can be…

  • RE: AD9633 Measurement in different frequency

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