• AD9633 Measurement

    Hi all,


    We bought an AD9633 80MSPS and make a PCB to do the measurement.

    But we find out there are some codes will go wrong on some regular voltage with the 80MHz CLK.



    (no error In 20 MHz or 40MHz CLK)

    (We didn't use the SPI to change any default…

  • The questions for AD9633

    What are the VCM pins and sync pins of the chip AD9633?How to connect with the FPGA?

    What should be paid attention to in the software program?

  • AD9633-125

    Can the chip work properly in all four channels at the same time, and the sampling rate of each channel can reach 125M?

  • AD9633 SPI problem


    I am trying to communicate with the AD9633 on the EVAL-AD9633. I basically plugged in the board and connected an external SPI master to the USB_SDI, USB_SCLK, USB_CSB and ISB_SDO pins.

    Using the recommeded jumper connection on J302 (1-2, 4-5 and…

  • AD9633 RTL Code

    I am looking for FPGA reference design for AD9633.

  • SPI of AD9633

    As shown in the above figure,Read the register for AD9633,

    The number read out should be 0x60, but the actual number read out is 0x63. What causes this?

  • AD9633 LVDS Measurement

    1、What is the correct starting sequence for this new product AD9633?Is it necessary to set SPI before sampling?

    2、What's the difference between these two models:bitwise and bytewise?

    3、Why are DCO clocks divided into DDR and SDR? Does this need to…

  • AD9633 Over Range Behavior

    Does the AD9633 have any indication of an Over Range / Clip condition?  The behavior that I am seeing is that the ADC code seems to wrap back to zero (using Offset Binary).

  • 关于AD9633的设计





  • AD9633-105 Single-input configuration.


    Can the AD96633-105, 12 bit ADC be used with a Single-input configuration? because want to fit a volt of 1.2Vp-p to the ADC in the single-input configuration. Need help with a reference circuit for the AD96633-105 single-input configuration.