• RE: AD9631 DAC Output Range?

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  • AD9631和AD9632输出自激


  • ad9631 projects "no source avaiable for "_start()"

    Hello teacher,

             I use VIVADO2016.2 to build MICROBLAZE minimum system debugging AD9361, hardware platform is KC705, builted  9361 project with SDK2016.2,  when i build project  that promat data overflow, I have changed address space of  "sys_dlmb_cntlr "…

  • Supply question for AD9631 op-amp

    Hi all,

    Is it acceptable to connect the -Vs supply input of the AD9631 to ground (and let's say +Vs = +3.3V)?  I would like to remove a -3.3V supply from my board which has an AD9631 on it and just use ground as -Vs.  Currently, I have a 200 ohm resistor…

  • AD9631 for custom design with zynq - xilinx

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using AD9631 for one of our project, my design flow are as follows, 

    ADC part

    1) Driving analog signal from outside through SMA connector.

    2) An RF transformer to convert single ended to differential signal.

    3) Driving this differential…

  • where can I get a sending and recieving program on the zq706 with AD9631 to realize the point to point transmission

    Hi everyone,

         I am a new user of AD9631, now I want to realize point to point transmission, could you tell me where can i get the sending and recieving program, it will be better if you send these programs to my mail(Wenyang.Xiao@verisilicon…

  • Bandwidth problem - A9361/AD9364


    I  use AD9361 & AD9634, only for transmission.

    With both components I encountered the following problem:

    Determining tx bandwidth using the appropriate function - does not work.

    I work at a transmission baud rate of 2MS, and I want to set bandwidth…

  • How can I change the pluto to support 2r2x

    Hi all. I recently have a hard work that is to change Pluto to support 2r2x. I find that Pluto uses the AD9631 FPGA  core which supports 2r2x,and the pluto hardware schema already has 2r2x ability ,but Pluto just use 1r1x, so from the hardware point of…

  • RE: How to get access to AD9361 registers

    Could anyone give an example to set the  FORMAT_SIGNEXT bit in the REG_CHAN_CNTRL register using the direct_reg_access?  should I use ad9631-phy or cf-ad9631-lpc? Thanks. Is the following correct?

    >cd /sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio\:device4  # device4 is the…

  • RE: the relationship between the sampling rate and the analog bandwidth of AD9361


    I  use AD9361.

    I also encountered this problem.
    We work at a transmission rate of 2MS,

    but no matter how much I increase the BW (I checked up to 20M)

    I get a bandwidth of 2M,

    I also use AD9634

    We encountered the same problem, where we were able to solve…