• ad9631

    We have a customer who is trying to use the AD9631 and is experiencing two
    problems as follows:-

    1. They are experiencing potential latch-up if both power supplies do
    go on at the same time with the first one on going into current…
  • AD9631

    Hello, I want to build a simple VNA (vector network analyser) and I am interesting in buying the AD9631 chip.

    I would like to know if it is possible to control the AD9631 chip with a microcontroller using C programming language??

    I have seen the suggested…

  • AD9631 DAC Output Range?

    Hi Supporter,


    what is the output range of DAC on AD9631? is it programmable? where can I find the detailed information of the DAC and Mixer modules?



  • AD9631 - Multichannels


    I am searching to use the AD9361 with a multichannels (3 or 5) signal; the whole band is 18 MHz at central frequency 125 MHz. Each channels are 25 kHz.

    I have to demultiplex this signal... Have you a idea?


  • AD9631 AUXDAC effects



    In the manual, it is stated that the DAC output voltage is set in two register 0x18 and 0x1A.


    In my experiment, I only change the value in register 0x18. It will cause the drift of output carrier frequency, say a two-three hurdred Hz.


  • AD9631和AD9632输出自激


  • Supply question for AD9631 op-amp

    Hi all,

    Is it acceptable to connect the -Vs supply input of the AD9631 to ground (and let's say +Vs = +3.3V)?  I would like to remove a -3.3V supply from my board which has an AD9631 on it and just use ground as -Vs.  Currently, I have a 200 ohm resistor…

  • AD9631 driver do not compile with C++

    The ad9631 drivers do not compile with C++, is there a C++ version of the ad9631 code ?

  • AD9631 for custom design with zynq - xilinx

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using AD9631 for one of our project, my design flow are as follows, 

    ADC part

    1) Driving analog signal from outside through SMA connector.

    2) An RF transformer to convert single ended to differential signal.

    3) Driving this differential…

  • ad9631 rx I/Q signal peak clipping

    Hi ad9361 experts:

        When I used vivado to observe the rx signal, and found that I/Q signal was too large with peak clipping. As the picture below shows:

       The value of the I/Q signal sometime is 0xffff, which reaches the peak. I am using FAGC. I tried…