• AD9629 Differential Clock Input

    Hi Guys,

    Question regarding the AD9629 differential clock input. The datasheet (pg.20 - see attached) has the external clock terminated in a 50R load (figure 46) and then feeding into the Mini-circuits ADT1-1WT XFMR. This XFMR is specified in it's datasheet…

  • AD9629 with Automatic Gain Control @ Input

    Hi, i'm wondering if it is possible to use an AGC circuit at the input to the AD9629 (or similar ADC), and somehow control the VGA Gain from a feedback signal direct from the ADC?

    Does the AD9629 have the ability to output a signal level, based…

  • AD9629: Read wrong chip ID

    Hi there:

       I have a problem with AD9629-40. When I read by SPI  register 0x01, I receive value 0x60. But in this documentation http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD9629.pdf have written that chip ID must be 0x70. Does it mean that…

  • Problem with external VREF AD9629

    Hi all,

    I have design a board using an ADC AD9629, combined with a differential amplifier ADA4940.
    It works fine in normal mode. In normal mode I m measuring single pulses from 0V to 6V to VIN without any issue at 10Msps.
    I have used an external reference…

  • Differntial Input impedance of AD9629-20

    In an article entitled "Transformer-Coupled Front-End for Wideband A/D Converters", Rob Reeder mentions that many of ADI’s switched-capacitor ADC input impedance values can be downloaded in spreadsheet form at the ADC’s product page on the Analog Devices…

  • AD9629: nonlinear and missing codes in convert output

    Hi all,

    I used reference circuit of AD9629 (also CN0272) to make a PCB. When I use stm32 to get the convert results, I get the following two strange figures.

    Vertical ordinate is voltage. Horizontal ordinate is time. The green triangle curve is obtained…

  • Driving AD9629 from ADA4940 for programmable input


    I am using ADA4940-1 as differential ended unity gain amplifier for driving AD9629

     Now, as AD9629's Input differential voltage is 2Vp-p, I need to give programmable I/p (negative Sine wave) to the ADA4940's Inverting terminal.

    For Ex:  If…

  • HSC-ADC-EVALCZ + AD9629-80EBZ + external trigger


    we recently purchased a combination of the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ and AD9629-80EBZ evaluation boards.

    We would like to start the FIFO acquisition process by external trigger initiation.

    Is there any way to make this setup work?

    Best regards


  • AD9629 Out-of-Range (OR) digital output


    Please provide information to me.

    I am checking the datasheet of AD9629.

    But,I cannot understand "out-of-range digital output" function.


    What is the output timing of indicator ?


    What is the condition determined at ?


  • AD9629 in single ended mode. input minus vref.


    I ve got a question regarding the high speed AD9629 for a new design, in single ended mode. I need to know if my solution is correct. In single ended mode such as figure 39 of the datasheet. Can I use VREF to substract my input and shift down…