• AD9629 Read


    I am new to reading ADC. I want to use AD9629 in my design. And i want to read this with FPGA. How can i handle it? Where should i start when writing the VHDL code? What are the things i should be aware of?

    Best regards.

  • AD9629 Bist

    Dear all,

    I am reading the AD9629 datasheet (Rev.0) and there is one point which is not fully clear to me:

    at Page 23 there is the BIST description. It is written :

    "The BIST sequence runs for 512 cycles and the stops."

    and after that:

  • AD9629 Vref question

    Hello EZ,

    Very quick question: I am looking at using the AD9629-20 in an application, and I am trying to determine if a voltage follower is required for fast current response on the VREF input of the AD9629-20.

    My external reference circuit consists…

  • Question about AD9629

    Hi there,

    I have a question about AD9629.


    Do you have a data of "max spec of DCO to Data Skew (tSKEW)"?

    (The datasheet only mention typical value, but I need to know…

  • AD9629 Single ended

    Dear all,

    I am reading the Datasheet of AD9629 Rev.0.

    There is one point that is not fully clear to me:

    why in the single ended configuration there is a 1Vpp signal instead of a 2Vpp (Fig.39 pag. 18) ?

    Does it mean that, in case of a DC value of Avdd…

  • Pair of AD9629

    Hello All,

    I am working on a design where I need to sample two AD9629 ADC's simultaneously. They will be driven by the same differential clock source. I am about to begin the FPGA design, and want to make some basic decisions before I finalize the board…

  • AD9629 readout issues.

    Hi there:

    I'm using the AD9629-40 in a non SPI configuration, and I'm seeing a behavior I can't explain on the ADC bit stream with bursts of bad ADC values (about 40us every 500us) which can not be attributed to readout issues (bursts actually probed…

  • AD9629 linearity error

    Hello, am using on my custom design an AD9629 used in differential mode.

    It is working, however there are error when I applied a DC voltage from a differential ADA4940. there is some error on the conversion.

    VIN+      VIN-     (Vin+-VIN-)    ADC value therorical…

  • AD9629-20EBZ BOM list

    Hello ,

    Our customer wants to get the bill of matelials list of AD9629-20EBZ.

    I have checked the wiki site for AD9629 evaluation board and I traced the link for bill of materials, but I could not find the list.

    Could you tell me the url to get the…

  • AD9629 input clock design


    I have got a working design with 4 ADCs (AD9629), they have for each an input clock design just like the picture attached.

    (I would like to keep 4 times AD9629 for versatility...)

    All of my ADC are synchonized to the same clock at 5Mghz.

    My question…