• RE: AD9629 input clock design

    Hi dougl,

    I have to respawn this post, as am having some issues from EMC testing. 

    It seems that the transformer is ringing too much (at about 500Mgh) even when there is no clock driving it.!!

    So I had to add 2 pulldown resistors at the end of the transformer…

  • RE: AD9629 Read

    Hi Dougl,

    Could you please also send me this Verilog example? I'm also trying to implement an AD9629 reader from Lattice UP5K FPGA


  • RE: HSC-ADC-EVALCZ + AD9629-80EBZ + external trigger

    Hi Orod,

    I already reached out to the FPGA engr to send me the FPGA bin file.

    However, we could only send the file to you privately according to the engineer because he told us that it can't be posted here publicly. We'll send a follow-up email to you…

  • Question about AD9629

    Hi there,

    I have a question about AD9629.


    Do you have a data of "max spec of DCO to Data Skew (tSKEW)"?

    (The datasheet only mention typical value, but I need to know…

  • AD9629的2路输出数据和时钟都是周期性的有无,真是见鬼了。



  • Driving AD9629 from ADA4940 for programmable input


    I am using ADA4940-1 as differential ended unity gain amplifier for driving AD9629

     Now, as AD9629's Input differential voltage is 2Vp-p, I need to give programmable I/p (negative Sine wave) to the ADA4940's Inverting terminal.

    For Ex:  If…

  • Problem with external VREF AD9629

    Hi all,

    I have design a board using an ADC AD9629, combined with a differential amplifier ADA4940.
    It works fine in normal mode. In normal mode I m measuring single pulses from 0V to 6V to VIN without any issue at 10Msps.
    I have used an external reference…

  • RE: AD9629输出30M时钟倍频辐射超标

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  • RE: Differntial Input impedance of AD9629-20

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  • AD9629 linearity error

    Hello, am using on my custom design an AD9629 used in differential mode.

    It is working, however there are error when I applied a DC voltage from a differential ADA4940. there is some error on the conversion.

    VIN+      VIN-     (Vin+-VIN-)    ADC value therorical…