• RE: Issues with AD9627-150EBZ


    Not sure if evaluation board is set up for AC coupling using a transformer or balun.  If it is...........................than it is likely that the lower cut-off frequency of the transformer does not support 10 KHz input.  You can check with O'scope…

  • ADC driver circuit


    I have a board where an AD8138 Differential Driver is driving an AD9627 ADC.

    The circuit is exactly the same as the one shown in Figure 46, page 27, of the AD9627 Datasheet.

    In the AD8138 Datasheet, page 3, it is indicated that the Offset Voltage…

  • RE: AD9600 input impedance


    The AD9600 is the 10-bit version of the AD9627.  Link to S-parameter for the AD9627 (and AD9600)  is below.  You can use this S-parameter model along with transformer +R-L-C components when designing an input network for the AD9600 (see app note AN827…

  • AD9627 数字中频信号驱动能力问题咨询

    准备设计一块单板,ADC型号为AD9627,数字中频信号接口配置为 1.8V CMOS, 通过FMC 连接器和Xilinx VC707 FPGA开发板互连,FPGA 开发板FMC 连接器到FPGA芯片走线长度约9000mil。查看AD9627芯片手册,片类自带一级Buffer,不知道AD9627数字IO是否可以直接连接到FMC 连接器?如果直连信号质量是否有保证?还是需要外部再加一级Buffer?谢谢!

  • AD9627的SPI无法写数据,只能读数据。

    你好 ,ADI专家。

    有个问题求助一下,最近在用AD9627,但是它的SPI模式始终无法写入寄存器数据,但是SPI可以正确读出相关寄存器的默认值。 SPI接口是用FPGA来做的。也是就是AD9627只能读出寄存器数据,无法写入寄存器。



  • AD9627ABCPZ and AD9627BCPZ: difference

    Would you please help advise the difference between AD9627ABCPZ and AD9627BCPZ?


    The AD9627ABCPZ has a slightly larger paddle on the package (7.5mm sq.) versus
    the AD9627BCPZ which has a 7.1mm sq. paddle.
    The AD9627ABCPZ is the recommended…
  • AD9627, output data port layout routing


    I am trying to create the layout for AD9627. I am confused with routing AD9627 output data port.

    Since this is high speed ADC the data port should also be high speed and should be able to support high speed communication. My question here do we…

  • 关于AD9627在使用上的一些疑问









  • RE: problem with FPGA board


    If I am interpreting your post properly, you have the AD9627 + EVALC working, but you need to trigger the data capture to synchronize with another event.  Is that correct?  If so I can see if we could possibly support that.  Can you tell me any more…