• RE: SYSREF signal of AD9625 on the EVA board.

    Hi Akira-

    The AD9525 on the evaluation board is only meant for use as a clock signal to AD9625.  You will not be able to use the SYNC_OUT feature for the SYSREF input to AD9625.

    Ian Beavers

  • RE: Does the AD9625-2.0EBZ work with the Xilinx evaluation board VC707?

    Hi Chris-

    Unfortunately, the AD-FMCADC2-EBZ FMC is the intended evaluation card to interface with a Xilinx development kit.

    The AD9625-2.0EBZ and AD9625-2.5EBZ have not been tested with VC707.


    Ian Beavers

  • AD9625 pinout

    In the Datasheet of AD9625 the L9 and M13 pins are connected to GND while on the schematic of the evaluation board AD9625-2.0EBZ there are connected to DRST and ARST. Where must I connect their on my PCB prototype?




    Where did you see in the documentation for the ADC5 that SPIController was necessary to use? (It is not). Like Lars/Paul indicated - everything on the ADC5 board is configured by the IIO drivers running on the Linux/Microblaze system.

    Please follow…

  • BOM for the AD9625 Eval board and Eval board question


    When you go on the Analog Devices website under AD9625 and click on ‘Evaluation Boards & Kits’ then click on ‘AD9625 Evaluation Board Documentation (Wiki Site)’ then click on ‘BOM’ you end up getting the artwork in the zip file (not the BOM).…

  • AD9625-2.0 Frequently Asked Questions #1

    The AD9625-2.0 is an ultra-high speed 2.0GSPS 12b ADC that was recently announced by Analog Devices.  As with many GHz ADCs, there are typical questions by system designers about the operation and performance of the ADC.  I have compiled some of the frequently…

  • AMP 20mV to 1.2V, input signal 1.6GHz

    I want use the demoboard AD-FMCADC2-EBZ for A/D sample connecting to FPGA.

    This board is comprised of the AD9625-2.5 12-bit, 2.5 GSPS JESD204B ADC.The input signal of AD9625-2.5 is 1.2V p-p.

    Howevere, my target input signal is 0~20mV, 1.6GHz.


  • RE: About SYSREF Interface in the AD9625-2.5 ADC

    Hi Soumya-

    The SYSREF signal for AD9625 can be either AC or DC coupled, depending upon the requirements for your system.  However, there is a common mode input voltage for SYSREF on AD9625 where the differential signal needs to cross for correct determination…


    Hi Jimmy,

    The version of AD9625 evaluation board that is compatible with the HSC-ADC-EVALDZ is no longer supported. We have made various improvements on the board since then. The latest version requires a HSC-ADC-EVALEZ to capture data. I would suggest…

  • will the DDC(AD9625) function introduce the dc offset?

    AD9625/AD9680 have the function of DDC,I want to use the function ,and the mode:0Hz IFmode.But in the other system,the 0Hz IF mode will bring in dc offset ,dc offset will reduce SFDR of the system.

    I want to know if I use the DDC ZERO IF mode of AD9625…