• AD9625 Translator

    I am looking at using a translator to connect to the AD9625 SPI interface. I only need the SDIO as bi-directional but I am intending putting the SCK & CS on the same device (perhaps even IRQ, FD, PWDN & RSTB). Originally I was considering your ADG3304…

  • AD9625 DDC


    After having be able to use AD9625 in full bandwidth mode, I'm now trying to make it works in DDC mode. But it doesn't seem to work.

    I have several questions. Here they are :

    1) When in DDC mode (High BW or Low BW), are others JESD lanes…

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  • Interleaved AD9625

    I read in the specification that the AD9625 is capable of 2.5Gsps and was wondering if it is feasible to interleave two of these devices to achieve 5.0 Gbps?


  • AD9625 Reset

    To perform a reset of AD9625 using SPI I write at 0x000 0x24

    Is it necessary to use transfer register to perform this reset ? (On which address range transfer register must be used ?)


    PS : In datasheet Rev B, a reset sequence is proposed but…

  • AD9625 DDC

    Hello, I'm trying to configure the AD9625 for DDC mode (Quick Config 0x91). I'm using it with a Xilinx JESD IP which is configured for 8 Lanes. Will I have to reconfigure the Xilinx IP to 1 lane? 

    Can I just change the Quick COnfig to 0x91, and…

  • About AD9625


       When I use AD9625 design, encountered some problems. The sampling rate  1Gsps can work properly, but in 2.4Gsps when not working properly.It is showed that the IP core inside the FPGA can not be locked.Is this the problem of speed?Who can give me…

  • AD9625 DDC Synchronization

    I'm working on a project that needs to synchronize multiple AD9625-2.5 chips across multiple FPGAs. I plan on having one FPGA control two AD9625 chips. I will have eight FPGAs in the entire system for a total of 16 ADC chips in the entire system. Let…

  • AD9625 DDC

    Hi all,

    Please advice to me.

    In the datasheet 33 page ~ "DIGITAL DOWNCONVERTERS (DDC)" @ AD9625,

    I can not understand the calculation of the transition band.


    "The filter yields an effective bandwidth of 120…

  • AD9625-2.5EBZ即AD9625的开发板在使用时需要在前端加驱动电路或驱动放大器吗?