• RE: AD9625 Threshold Registers


    This transfer function applies to all ADCs with a Fast Detect feature. Since AD9625 is 12-bit, replace 2^13 with 2^12 on this formula: You can found this formula in AD9683 datasheet. AD9683 (Rev. D) (analog.com)



  • RE: AD9625 resolution

    hi, can you please provide screenshot or raw data?

  • AD9625

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD9625, when I use 4 lanes 1GSPS, it is normal, however when I use 8 Lanes 2.4Gsps, FPGA shows that it could not lock.

    Could you please help check above issue.


  • question about ad9625

    I have a question about ad9625.It runs well  when I configure ad9625 for full bandwidth using 8 lane (serdes rate is 5Gbps). But It does not run well when I change 8 lanes into 6 lanes for full bandwidth.What's the difference between the configuration…

  • RE: AD9625-2.0 Clock Input

    Hi, if your sample rate you wish to use for the AD9625 is 1920MHz, you will need to use a clock chip like the HMC7044 to generate that clock. the AD9625 does not have an internal PLL to generate the sample clock. It only has an internal PLL to generate…

  • AD9625

    Dear Sir/Madam

    What's the meaning of CTAT voltage, what's the relationship between CTAT voltage and temperature.


  • ad9625 & ads7-v2

    Hi i need some help

    I'm looking for a way to use AD9625 with ADS7-V2 board.

    when i check this working. it is same to compare AD9625 and AD9680 in the schemetic.

    FMC connector's pin all same so i think AD9625, maybe can use at ADS7

    when i using…

  • AD9625 pinout

    In the Datasheet of AD9625 the L9 and M13 pins are connected to GND while on the schematic of the evaluation board AD9625-2.0EBZ there are connected to DRST and ARST. Where must I connect their on my PCB prototype?


  • AD9625 Translator

    I am looking at using a translator to connect to the AD9625 SPI interface. I only need the SDIO as bi-directional but I am intending putting the SCK & CS on the same device (perhaps even IRQ, FD, PWDN & RSTB). Originally I was considering your ADG3304…

  • AD9625 DDC


    After having be able to use AD9625 in full bandwidth mode, I'm now trying to make it works in DDC mode. But it doesn't seem to work.

    I have several questions. Here they are :

    1) When in DDC mode (High BW or Low BW), are others JESD lanes…