• RE: AD9625 resolution

    hi, can you please provide screenshot or raw data?

  • RE: AD9625-2.0 Clock Input

    Hi, if your sample rate you wish to use for the AD9625 is 1920MHz, you will need to use a clock chip like the HMC7044 to generate that clock. the AD9625 does not have an internal PLL to generate the sample clock. It only has an internal PLL to generate…


    please follow the instructions as explained in the wiki user guide

    AD-FMCADC2-EBZ FMC Board [Analog Devices Wiki]

  • RE: Can i use 'AD9625' for 'ADS7-V2EBZ' ?

    AD9625 does not have any infrastructure for ADS7-v2EBZ

  • AD9625

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD9625, when I use 4 lanes 1GSPS, it is normal, however when I use 8 Lanes 2.4Gsps, FPGA shows that it could not lock.

    Could you please help check above issue.


  • question about ad9625

    I have a question about ad9625.It runs well  when I configure ad9625 for full bandwidth using 8 lane (serdes rate is 5Gbps). But It does not run well when I change 8 lanes into 6 lanes for full bandwidth.What's the difference between the configuration…

  • ad9625 & ads7-v2

    Hi i need some help

    I'm looking for a way to use AD9625 with ADS7-V2 board.

    when i check this working. it is same to compare AD9625 and AD9680 in the schemetic.

    FMC connector's pin all same so i think AD9625, maybe can use at ADS7

    when i using…

  • AD9625

    Dear Sir/Madam

    What's the meaning of CTAT voltage, what's the relationship between CTAT voltage and temperature.


  • AD9625 pinout

    In the Datasheet of AD9625 the L9 and M13 pins are connected to GND while on the schematic of the evaluation board AD9625-2.0EBZ there are connected to DRST and ARST. Where must I connect their on my PCB prototype?


  • AD9625 Translator

    I am looking at using a translator to connect to the AD9625 SPI interface. I only need the SDIO as bi-directional but I am intending putting the SCK & CS on the same device (perhaps even IRQ, FD, PWDN & RSTB). Originally I was considering your ADG3304…