• About ad9613(ug293)

    Hi, I wanna try to use vcxo in ug293 board. But when I try to find the product, the product ends.

    Can I get recommendation of the replacement of tco-2111?

    P.S Is there a reason that ug293 don't have the vcxo?

  • AD9613 Interfaced with FPGA


    I have a AD9613-170 ADC and I want to interface it with a spartan 6 FPGA with parallel interleaved mode.

    I am not very much familiar with HDL code. Can you provide a HDL file for interfacing with ADC to FPGA in interleaved mode??

    please provide…

  • ADC AD9613 pn sequence


    I'm using AD9613 ADC (clocked with 150MHz) that is connected to an FPGA. In order to synchronize the data to the FPGA internal clock I need to adjust some delay elements within the FPGA. Since the pn9 sequence is deterministic, it would be a nice…

  • AD9613的量程范围


  • RE: AD9613 LVDS and CLK

    Hi Jasonjc,

    1. The min/max input Clock specifications, and corresponding LVDS output timing relationships are presented in AD9613 datasheet Table 4: Switching Specifications, and Figure 2: Interleaved LVDS Mode Data Output Timing Diagram.

    2. I need clarification…

  • AD9613 to FPGA - FMC interface


    I want to know if there is any interface that can be used to interface AD9613 to VC707 Xilinx FPGA using FMC connections.

    I came across high speed ADC-FMC interposer card (EVAL-ADC-FMC-INT). However, in this card there is a logic level translation…

  • AD9613: Usage of pattern 3 and 4

    I am not clear on the usage of the registers 0x1D to 0x20 named "User Pattern
    3" and "User Pattern 4". They are not mentioned at all in the technical note
    AN-877, where it is described only the usage of the registers …
  •   AD9613  two mode and ordering model

    AD9613  has two modes,   Interleaved Parallel LVDS Mode    and   Multiplexed (Even/Odd) LVDS Mode .     

    Are two modes   distinguished by   ordering model  AD9613BCPZ / AD9613BCPZRL7, or by SPI configuration?

    What's the difference between  AD9613BCPZ  and AD9613BCPZRL7…

  • Can AD9613 be used in zero-IF receivers?


    we want to use ad9613 in our zero-IF receivers, frequency of input signal is 0~100MHz.

    can AD9613 be used in the zero-IF receivers?

    Thank you!

  • AD9613-VC707 Integration using  CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB


    I am working with AD9613-250EBZ and I want the digitized data from AD9613 eval board to be transferred to VC707 FPGA board. I am using FMC interposer card for data transfer between ADC and FPGA.

    I am facing 2 issues currently.

    1) Even though AD9613…