• AD9613 input with different phase


    I am designing ADC board with AD9613, two AD8331s, and AD9523-1 generating 250MHz clock.

    When I try to connect two AD8331s to one AD9613, a connection issue occurred due to pin map during PCB routing.

    Therefore, I wonder whether it is possible to…

  • RE: AD9613 Vcm max. load

    Can you tell me the maximum output current and minimum load impedance for the
    AD9613 VCM pin?


    The Vcm pin is capable of roughly driving up to 1.5mA, it is a very low current
    pin. We would recommend only driving an amplifier with the Vcm voltage…

  • AD9613: Usage of pattern 3 and 4

    I am not clear on the usage of the registers 0x1D to 0x20 named "User Pattern
    3" and "User Pattern 4". They are not mentioned at all in the technical note
    AN-877, where it is described only the usage of the registers "User Pattern…

  • when ad9613 in Test mode, data from channel A and channel B is the same?


    we use ad9613 in  our board, we have some problems, the data that FPGA receive is not correct.

    we put ad9613 in test mode,  is data from channel A and channel B  the same?

    thank you!

  • RE: AD9613 LVDS and CLK

    Hi Jasonjc,

    1. The min/max input Clock specifications, and corresponding LVDS output timing relationships are presented in AD9613 datasheet Table 4: Switching Specifications, and Figure 2: Interleaved LVDS Mode Data Output Timing Diagram.

    2. I need clarification…

  • Eval-ad9613 sampling clock superimposed on the analog input signal

    We reference the front end design of CN0252 on AD9613 circuits. But it is found that input clock superimposed on the analog signal at the ADC input. Based on sampling results, the superposition signal will affect the sampling accuracy (from gain 0.511…

  • EVAL-AD9613采样时钟叠加到了输入信号


  • RE: AD9613-250 Validation of data output patterns

    Hello Jack,

    The AD9613 model differentiations in the Ordering Guide represent the speed grade (170/210/250 Msps) of the model, and whether you want the individual parts delivered in trays, or 7" "RL7" reel qtys.

    All of the speed grade …