• AD9613


    I want to use AD9613 for my dual channel application. I have seen two flavors in ad9613 interleaved parallel lvds and channel multiplexed even/odd lvds. I want to understand

    1. why now there are lvds output for high speed adc/dac?. I understand…

  • AD9613 issue


    iam using ad9613 in my design

    in our design we have taken our CSB tied low,

    when iam trying to configure the adc iam not able to get control on the ADC.

    iam confuguring the adc with 16 bit address and folowed by data

    is it the right way to configure…

  • About Ad9613 error

    I wonder why this happens to my ad9613.

    The problem is that ADC can get first channel data correctly. The problem is that I cannot get the data from channel 2, even if I get the data without doing anything(means nothing goes into ADC),

    the data noise…

  • AD9613 PN generation


    I want to use AD9613 instead of AD9643,and change the HDL code of AD9643 to match AD9613. I have some problems about PN sequence in hdl_2016_R1.

    1. in axi_ad9643_pnmon.v   

    assign adc_pn_data_in_s = {adc_pn_data_in[13:0], ~adc_data[13], adc_data[12…

  • ad9613 phase alignment


    I'm working on an FPGA code to interface AD9613 to xilinx Zynq (artix 7). I'm hoping to get some help on how to align data clock edge to the center of data eye. There is a xilinx 7 series IP called IDELAYE2 that design to correct the phase alignment…

  • AD9613 input circuitry

    Dear Sir.

    I am using the circuit for single ended to double ended outputs .

    The outputs are fed into a AD9613 .

    I apply a signal of 2V @ 1kHZ at the input , I get no outputs at the resistor R97,R102.

    Please Advise.

    Ephraim Oved

  • RE: AD9613 Vcm max. load

    Can you tell me the maximum output current and minimum load impedance for the
    AD9613 VCM pin?


    The Vcm pin is capable of roughly driving up to 1.5mA, it is a very low current
    pin. We would recommend only driving an amplifier with…
  • About spi for ad9613

    Hi, I have a question about spi addresses which from ad9613.

    When I see the other matlab coding for spiwrite, the soft reset and digital reset .

    But when I see the ad9613 datasheet, the address 0x08 has no reset.

    the data 3(bit1 + bit0) is reserved…

  • AD9613 input driver question


    I'm driving the AD9613 analog inputs from the ADA4930 differential amplifier.

    I've looked at figure 47 of AD9613. It seems there is some mistake, since the FB+ (without dot) should be connected to IN-, and FB- (with dot) should be connected…

  • ad9613 test mode

    hi , how to configuration the test mode to validation the communication from ADC to FPGA ? 

    gave me some guidance pls.