• RE: About the CSAMPLE value of ad9609

    input capacitance is a combined value of the C_PAR and C_SAMPLE. C_SAMPLE is about 3 - 5pF

  • AD9609 bandwidth limitations


    i am reviewing the AD9609 and i see that the datasheet specifies the FPBW as 700MHz but all of the characterization plots are only showing up to 200MHz performance. 

    My question would be, is there any limitation to pushing the analog input bandwidth…

  • AD9609 programming

    We are having problems programming an AD9609 A to D converter. We need set the clock divider to divide by two, but this isn't happening. We take the CSB pin low and then program the registers. Does this pin have to stay low to stop the chip reverting…

  • power sequence about AD9609

    Hi there, 

    I have a question about AD9609.

    I just wonder if there power sequence procedure.

     My questions are following.

    #1, Please tell me the right procedure DRVDD and AVDD.

    #2, What happe if either AVDD or DRVDD is supplied? 


  • AD9609时序问题


  • No DCO from AD9609-80EBZ at Standalone Mode


    I just received my AD9609-80EBZ. I am new to ADC so my first goal is to observe the output signal DCO by setting the board at Standalone Mode.

    According to the Wiki wiki.analog.com/.../ad9266-80ebz_ad9649-80ebz_ad9629-80ebz_ad9609-80ebz, I
    1. removed…

  • Oscillations on output of AD9609 Eval Board


    I am using an AD9609 EVAL board, I trying to force a 1V DC at the Input and I observed the BIt 9 and Bit 4 on the Oscilloscope and What I get is fluctuating square pulses of 1V Amplitude. this prevails when I don't give an input also.

    I am trying…

  • FFT 4096 on BF592

    Hi ,

    Is there a way to use BF592 for 4k FFT .

    And can we use AD9609-20 with BF592 400 Mhz using PPI .

    Please let me know if you have any reference circuit to connect AD9609-20 with any Blackfin .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • RE: AD9057 noise

    Hi Manuela,

    The recommended alternatives with active Eval Brds would be the AD9609(10b), AD9629(12b), or AD9649(14b) low power ADC family. Eval Brds are avail for the 80Msps speed grade for each model. The EVB's can also be operated at lower CLK frequencies…

  • RE: 需要一款10M以上具有至少1v正负输入的ADC芯片,麻烦推荐一下,谢谢

    AD9609不错,价格不贵,10bit  80M,CMOS输出的用起来要求也不多