• AD9601

    For the AD9601, I do not see a specification on maximum currents at the analog inputs. (VIN+, VIN-).

    Is it safe to assume a 10 mA maximum because of input protection diodes ? I want to protect in case of an over range input signal.

    I'm doing single…

  • AD9601 Registers

    Why I cannot change the registers in AD9601 throuth SPI? I can only read them and the defaule value of register 0x14 is 0x20 which isn't same as described in datasheet.

  • AD9601-250EBZ schematics


    I can see the schematics of evaluation board on P.25 of datasheet.

    But I'm confusing the mismatch between pin configurations(P.9 of datasheet) and schematics(P.25).

    I checked P.9 and P.25 roughly. It can see the connection of the data bus…

  • AD9601 connected to a processor to handle high speed

    Hi all,

    I am working with high speed ADC (200/250MSPS) to sample the signals and connect it to stm32f429 microcontroller.

    How is it possible to handle such high speed ADC's as it cannot be directly connected to stm32? Can I use DSP or FPGA in between…

  • 请问有没有AD9410或者AD9601的评估板


  • AD9601加电后通过SPI配置寄存器,写完成后为什么读出来寄存器的状态不变,一直是默认值,但实际上配置的状态是有响应的


  • RE: Hello, I am looking for a reference design to program the AD9106 via the SPI protocol on FPGA. Thank you for your reply.

    I can understand that you can not provide the source code of the design. However, could you please provide me some drivers that I can use with your component (AD9601)?

  • Schematic for AD9230 Eval

    I have an eval board for the AD9230 and I am wanting to confirm which schematic to use for reference. I see here: https://ez.analog.com/message/169337#169337 that it shares the PCB of the AD9434, but the board shown in the image in the thread is different…

  • 芯片寄存器读出数据异常