• AD9578 SPI Readings

    Hi all,

    I'm having problems during readback of AD9578 registers through SPI interface, reading continuously all the registers I get different values without writing to registers, specifically I obtain different values from register 0x0C and 0x0E (factory…

  • AD9578 reset

    Hi all,

    I would like to better understand what the Master Reset bit does exactly, it load fabric presets?

    Actually before start writing the configuration I enable the MR bit and then I toggle it, then I write my setup.

    Sometime the setup is not working…

  • AD9578 questions

    I would greatly appreciate an answer to my two outstanding questions.

    I have another question. I notice that the development board uses ADP7104 regulators for the AD9578. This is a low noise regulator, however the noise is much higher than the ADM7150A…

  • AD9578

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  • AD9578 problem

    Dear Steve,

    I now have a lot of experience with the AD9578, however I have a programming problem:

    The device sometimes fails to lock properly ( unstable frequency a few kHz low) after repeating a programming sequence with the same values. The sequence…

  • AD9578 questions

    I am considering using this device in a measurement instrument which relies upon very low phase drift between two clocks. The AD9578 has two outputs driven from each PLL. With this arrangement one would expect any low frequency drift or jitter from the…

  • AD9578 problem

    At last I have finished my own development PCB and  software to program the AD9578 in rational mode. I can enter the frequency , and the software finds the minimum fractional divider,  minimum modulus, and output divider to generate the desired frequency…

  • AD9578 attachments

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  • AD9578 Rational Mode

    I am trying to develop a spread sheet to calculate the A,B,C and D coefficients that set the frequency in rational mode. This has shown up some anomalies involving the use of the phase interpolation B coefficient ( S = 0,1,2):

    Generally there are a number…

  • AD9578 incorrect frequency

    In fractional mode, the setting of the phase interpolation parameter has an effect on the output frequency. This behaviour is not documented in the data sheet. The following example was set up on the development board:

    Example:      PLL2 with 50MHz input…