• RE: AD9576 programming problem via SPI


    "I send 3 bytes, the first and second has the register address in read mode, the third one byte contains a 0x00, this is a dummy byte to have the SCK one more byte, to return the default value. But the voltage of the data read was of 1V."…

  • AD9576 XTAL Recommendation

    I'd like to make 156.25MHz using AD9576.

    RMS  It's necessary to suppress a jitter in less than 1 pS.

    ①That data seat P11 is seen, that Taitien XTAL 25MHz is used, I have that, but could you tell me this stock number or specification?

    ②If there…

  • ad9576 Symbols & Footprints


    On  the ADI web  site  there is no  information about  symbol and  footprint  for Ultra Librarian. 

  • AD9576 X103Default value

    Table 41 shows 0x103 default value is 0xE8

    But tabel 47 shows 0XE0(Bit4 is not same)

    which value is correct?


    1) Input of AD9576 will use only REF0. 

       in that case, REF2 and PLL1 aren't used ,Isn't an oscillator for REF2 necessary?

    2)When not loading an oscillator for REF2,

       I understand that Reference Monitor can't move. Are there other functions which…



    When establishing a frequency in SPI, don't I need setting by a PPRX terminal?

  • AD9576 SDIO OUTPUT Current

    Dear supporters,

    Please tell me the drive electric current ability of the SDIO terminal.

    (I'd like to connect to MCU of 1.8V, so please tell me because I'd like to insert level shift circuit at time.)

  • PLL1 Characteristics in the AD9576

    Hi guys,

    I have a doubt regarding the AD9576, related with PLL1 CHARACTERISTICS-Table 7, in page 7 of the datasheet. I want to use as input at REF0 a 50 MHz reference. My doubt is with the input frequency specified for the PLL1 Divider and  Doubler. There…

  • AD9576/PCBZ EVB positive clock


    I'm using the evaluation board of the AD9576 chip. From the datasheet looks like it's positive to obtain only positive voltage clock signals (pg:23 figs:12, 15 and 16).

    I wonder if those graphs were taking directly from the board or extra…

  • AD9576 LVPECL input and1.8V CMOS OUTPUT

    Let me ask following 2, please.

    ① LVPECL(AC)  Would it correspond to input?

    ②Is 3.3V also OK for VDD at the time of 1.8V CMOS output choice?