• Can I flash a persistent configuration to the AD9576-PCBZ Eval board?

    The AD9576-PCBZ eval board appears to have an EEPROM built in. Can I flash a persistent configuration to the AD9576-PCBZ Eval board?  I would like outputs 8, 9, and 10 to always power up at 156 MHz without needing ACE to reprogram it. Is that possible?

  • RE: AD9576 XTAL Recommendation


    the Taitien 25 MHz XTAL should be the one used on the evaluation board as Y201 and Y203: A0145-X-001-3 (see the BOM spreadsheet on the evaluation board website):


  • RE: AD9576 X103Default value

    The correct default value is 0xE8. A data sheet correction will be made for table 47 (changing [5:3] to 0x5). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



    When establishing a frequency in SPI, don't I need setting by a PPRX terminal?

  • ad9576 Symbols & Footprints


    On  the ADI web  site  there is no  information about  symbol and  footprint  for Ultra Librarian. 


    1) Input of AD9576 will use only REF0. 

       in that case, REF2 and PLL1 aren't used ,Isn't an oscillator for REF2 necessary?

    2)When not loading an oscillator for REF2,

       I understand that Reference Monitor can't move. Are there other functions which…

  • AD9576 SDIO OUTPUT Current

    Dear supporters,

    Please tell me the drive electric current ability of the SDIO terminal.

    (I'd like to connect to MCU of 1.8V, so please tell me because I'd like to insert level shift circuit at time.)

  • RE: AD9576 LVPECL input and1.8V CMOS OUTPUT



    On AD9576, the outputs support HSTL, LVDS and 1.8 CMOS.

    The data sheet states that if LVPECL outputs are desired, just select HSTL and the ac couple the outputs, which practically means placing a capacitor in series with each output pin before driving…

  • RE: Can I produce simultaneous multiple frequencies for CMOS output on the AD9576 EVAL Board?

    I studied the AD9576 datasheet carefully and I now know I can produce multiple varied clock frequencies simultaneously with the EVAL board, within certain limitations. Those limitations do not needlessly constrict my path forward, and I ordered one eval…

  • RE: PC can not find drivers for AD9545 Evaluation Board with blank new eeprom

    Windows recently changed its policy for kernel-mode drivers which is the root cause of this issue. Driver's with an older signature are currently grandfathered in, so you will actually need to use an older installer for the LRF drivers to fix this issue…