• About EVAL-AD9558 programming AD9558 on-chip EEPROM.

    Can I use EVAL-AD9558 to programming AD9558 on-chip EEPROM? Is there any user guide for EVAL-AD9558 borad?


    1, click EEPROM button;

    2, check EEPROM Write Enable;

    3, click Write Sequence to EEPROM

    Follow the above operation sequence, I can not program…

  • AD9558 Jitter Performance


    I have two questions about AD9558.

    • Is there any tool to estimate jitter performance of AD9558 with custom configuration?
    • If no, could you provide an estimation of clock output rms jitter performance with following configuration?
      • System clock (49…
  • AD9558 does not lock on LVDS reference clocks


    We use an AD9558 and have two different differential reference clocks and none of it is accepted as a valid clock. What could possibly be wrong?

    REFC is 10 MHz, dc-coupled, with 100 Ohm termination on the AD9558 side, directly driven by an LVDS…

  • ad9557 and gapped clock?

    Can I use AD9558 or AD9558 with gapped clock for asynchronous demapping SDH from OTN?

  • ad9557 and gapped clock?

    Can I use AD9558 or AD9558 with gapped clock for asynchronous demapping SDH from OTN?

  • RE: 求推荐一款输出时钟与输入时钟相位能保持一致的锁相环芯片

    支持0延时的模拟PLL器件有AD9520, AD9522, AD9523, AD9524, 等。支持固定延时的数字PLL器件有:AD9548, AD9547, AD9557, AD9558, AD9559, AD9554.

  • RE: AD9958扫频问题

    AD9558支持向上、向下线性扫描。如数据手册的36图(Linear Sweep Parameters)。

    请问你的寄存器REG0x07, REG0x08, REG0x09,CFR REG0x3的内容是多少,另外Profile PIN是否正确切换?

  • RE: frequency synthetizer

    Hello Zanzibar,

    We have four solutions:

    1. The AD9578

    2. The AD9558, AD9559, and AD9554-1. This are DPLL based jitter cleaning PLLs but also work as synthesizers. You might consider these if you want to ultimately have your clocks locked to a reference…

  • RE: AD5933 external clock signal


    As stated on UG-364, for a 16MHz crystal to generate your desired MCLK frequency an external clock divider should be used. To achieve a 25kHz MCLK, the 16MHz crystal should be divided by 640 which can be done using AD9558 or AD9959 that is controlled…

  • RE: AD9552 etc. as clock cleaner

    Dear RTF,

    > With a divider M3b (Figure 35. Detailed Block Diagram p. 29)

    > I can get the required low frequency (for OUT5). Are this divider available

    > in normal mode, or just in frame synhronizatin mode?

    These are available in normal…