• RE: Need a ADI recommended Fractional N PLL

    Dear Neilw,

    Thank you for your concern about this request.

    About using AD9557, I have some questions.

    Please refer below questions an dlet me know youropinions.

    Q1) In case #1, how should I set  the sys in of AD9557?

           (I can find when I set 10MHz…

  • RE: AD9513 input

    Dear fvazquez,

    You can use a voltage divider and a TCXO with a 3.3V CMOS output. For a diagram of how to do this, refer to the "Input/Output Termination Recommendations" section of the AD9557 datasheet:


  • RE: AD9522-4: how to obtain an 800MHz single-ended output

    Hello Luca,

    I can think of two solutions:

    1. Program the part for single-ended CMOS mode.

    2. Use a balun for a differential to single-ended conversion. Use this link to see how we do it on the AD9557. The inputs and outputs on this part are rated to…

  • RE: AD9552 etc. as clock cleaner

    Dear RTF,

    > As possible to use MCU master clock out pin as reference for AD9552?

    Yes, as long as it's in the 10-100 MHz range.  However, the minimum output output frequency may not be low enough, and you're correct that you won't get a lot of…

  • RE: fractional frequency synthesis with AD9510

    The AD9510 is an Int-N only PLL. However, the AD9552 or the AD9557/8 can accomplish the requested translations.

  • Question about AD9525


       I have some questions about AD9525.

    (1) In the page 8 of the datasheet , table 12 give the "clock output absolute time jitter". What does it mean? Does this jitter include the performance of the external VCO?

    (2) Is there a device…

  • RE: 求推荐一款输出时钟与输入时钟相位能保持一致的锁相环芯片

    支持0延时的模拟PLL器件有AD9520, AD9522, AD9523, AD9524, 等。支持固定延时的数字PLL器件有:AD9548, AD9547, AD9557, AD9558, AD9559, AD9554.

  • RE: How do we manipulate BF-537 ADSP Core Clock??

    Hi Yaser,

    I think you posted your question to the wrong forum. This is a high performance PLL forum for parts like the AD9557.

    I've requested to have your item moved to the DSP forum.

    Alternatively, you can repost question there.

    -Paul Kern


    It is possible to synchronize multiple AD9957s (see the "Synchronization of Multiple Devices" section of the data sheet). If all the AD9957s are properly synchronized, then their PDCLK signals will also be synchronized.

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