• AD9548 vs AD9547


    Is there any difference between the AD9548 and AD9547 apart from the minimum reference frequency and the number of inputs and outputs?

    The AD9547 is specified with a minimum reference frequency of 1kHz. Would this device be able to lock on a frequency…

  • AD9547 frequency jitter

    I'm using the AD9547 in my application and I've noted a jitter at low frequencies (around or below 1Hz), that impacts on my final application.

    I've compared my application against the evaluation board (I've the AD9548 eval board but the parts…

  • AD9547 DPLL Lock


    Our customer, T.W., asks: We are using the AD9547 to generate a 35.84MHz output clock that is locked to GPS.  We have a 20MHz crystal to supply the clock frequency.  The GPS unit can supply just about any multiple of 1PPS we want.  For now, we are…

  • AD9547 Reference input level

    I need to use the AD9547 reference clock inputs in single ended mode. My reference input signal (that coming from user's) is a 50ohm AC coupled and can vary from -15 to +10dBm (50 ohm loaded).

    How I can interface this signal to guarantee the AD9547…

  • AD9547 SYSCLK PLL stability


    I'm currently using an AD9547 with a 10MHz OCXO as an system clock input. The problem I'm having is that the system clock will not remain stable (checking via system clock stability signal on a M pin) with the duty cycle of the OCXO I'm using…

  • AD9547 sync with Ref

    Hi. I made a board with your AD9547 chip.

    My system clock = 1000MHz

    DDS = 71.68MHz

    Out1 and Out0 = 35.84MHz

    Ref = single ended 100KHz ( 2dBm power ) from a signal generator

    I am able to see 35.84MHz at Out1 and not at Out0. The reason for this…

  • AD9547, AD9548, AD9549 EV-Boards


    I have a few questions regarding the AD954x Evaluation boards.

    1. Can the AD9548 EV-board be used to evaluate the performance of the AD9547 provided reference is >1kHz and I/O's are limited to the number available on the AD9547? (We do have a few…

  • AD9547 Soft Reset Q

    Does the soft reset perform the same as toggling the reset pin or power on reset?



  • AD9547 clock out amplitude surge


    I am using AD9547 to generate two clock signals -> a 325 MHz LVDS signal on out0 pin and a 81 MHz CMOS signal on out1 pin. I see that at -40 degrees, the out0 pin has amplitude surges, but the out1 is stable. Is this normal?

  • AD9361 AD9364 reference clock interface AD9547


    I need to use AD9364 with external reference clock. To lock to an external reference and generate a clean reference clock (40MHz) for AD9364 I use the AD9547. The AD9364 reference clock input accept a level of 1.3Vpp but the AD9547 can output signal…