• AD9545参考监视出现异常


    过程描述:我将给开发板REFB_N接1PPS参考时发现ACE界面持续显示参考无效(大概十分钟),0X3008寄存器为0X08。用示波器在AD9545开发板R305上可以测得信号。后来通过ACE复位后正常,反复测试(在REFB_N SMA接口上拧上带有1PPS信号的线缆发现指示有效后再拧下线缆)发现当有几率出现异常情况。出现异常后如果不复位则0X3008寄存器为0X08,无法恢复正常…

  • Questions about the accuracy of the AD9545

    I have a question regarding the accuracy of the AD9545.

    For example, what is the accuracy of the output frequency of 0.2ppm TCXO corrected by 0.1ppm 1pps?
    Will it be output with an accuracy of 1 pps?

    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

  • AD9545: i2cget Command To Read Data

    Hi All,

    I am trying to read AD9545 through i2cget command but I am not able to read it properly.  I am trying to read/write 0x0020 scratchpad register and below is the format, I am following.

    root@arria10:~# i2cset -y -f 0 0x4b 0x20 0x40

  • AD9545 clock on ADRV9009-ZU11EG SOM

    I am trying to generate a 156.25MHz clock for future interface with an SFP on the ADRV9009-ZU11EG SOM.

    I found this thread, where the on-board AD9545 chip was used.  In that thread, it looks like drivers for the AD9545 were added to the master a few months…

  • AD9545. Unstable phase lock.


    I am trying to configure the AD9545 (see ACE configuration file in the application).

    As a SYSCLK i'm using a quartz resonator (52 MHz,10ppm): ABM13W-52.0000 MHZ-5-NH7U-T5

    As a RefA input i'm using an accurate OCXO (20MHz, 20ppb): AOCJYR…

  • Missing ad9545 device-tree entry in zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-revb-adrv2crr-fmc in dtb file

    I built the ADI yocto layer (staging/2021_1-support). I built all the required stuff (petalinux-build, petalinux-package... , ) and copied everything into the boot partition of my SD card.

    zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-revb-adrv2crr-fmc booted successfully and…

  • RE: Adding AD9545 driver on Petalinux

    Hello Alexandru

    Thanks for your response.

    I have gone through the file that you specified in : ://github.com/analogdevicesinc/linux/blob/master/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/clk-ad9545.yaml. The .dts file that was shared by you for SPI configuration…

  • AD9545 question


                     There are two items of AD9545 question as below. 

    1. When DPLL is configured in “close loop” mode, does Free Run Tuning Word (FRTW) will affect the output frequency?

    Customer  found ptp4l can track to master clock via setting FRTW…

  • Configuring AD9545

    Hello everyone!

    I have a problem configuring AD9545 that we have included in our RF-device. Could anybody explain step by step what should I configure if I want to get 3 input frequency and out them in some manner with some prescaler. Moreover I don't understand…

  • AD9545 Eval Board with ACE Check State Failing


    When I load up the AD9545 board into the ACE software with a previous saved session, I get a message on the lower left hand side saying that CheckState has failed. The state of the AD9545 in the ACE software also will not update if I click Read…