• RE: No output of AD9545 OUT1A


    Sorry,I don't know what is the HCSL,but I attache the schematic of AD9545.

    Yes,there is SYNC signal (30.72MHz)

    Thanks a lot

    In attachement,I upload the cso file in zip file and schematic of AD9545


  • RE: Dump AD9545 memory map on ACE


    you can download the ACE version we recommend for the AD9545 and the AD9545 plug-in from here:


    Look for these links:


  • RE: Pat for PPS Jitter Reduction

    Hi Leethal,

    please also take a look at the AD9545 and AD9544. The AD9544 should be the cheapest. It is from the same family as the AD9545, so please use the AD9545 data sheet as the reference. Its data sheet must be updated to be brought at the same level…

  • AD9545 Power supply


    In the AD9545 Evaluation board schematic, all the VDD power supply pins are isolated using 0E. Attached is the evaluation board schematic.Please let us know is there any specific reason to isolate individual VDD pins or all of them can be shorted…

  • RE: AD9545 DPLL1 could not lock

    Hi  Petre

    Thanks for your reply

    How to make REFA Valid to turn green?!

    We did some modifications based on your comments and try again ,the regadress : 0x3001,rdata = 0x13

    The DPLL seems to be in freerun.

    I did the test on our Board (FBGA+AD9545),not on…

  • RE: AD9545 applied with FPGA


    I am not convinced the AD9528 is still needed at the AD9545 output. The AD9545 has already an APLL on each channel to do this clean up.

    You can use the AD9528 as a buffer if you need to replicate the OUT1A of the AD9545.


  • RE: AD9545 Where is the chip specific documentation for the ACE software?

    The external EEPROM is a production feature that is generally immaterial to the ability to evaluate the AD9545 on the EVB itself. Do to this and limitations of the current ACE hardware interface for the AD9545 family of plug-ins, namely lack of i2c support…

  • AD9542-About the problem that ACE tool recognizes as AD9545 when connecting AD9542 to ACE tool

    I am using the AD9542 evaluation board.
    When this evaluation board is connected to the ACE tool, it is recognized as AD9545 on the ACE tool.

    Similarly, other devices have the problem that AD9544 is recognized as AD9545.

    The answer here is that the internal…

  • AD9545 EVB no output


    I got one AD9545 EVB and do some tests.

    Here is input / output setting

    REFA = 30 MHz

    REFAA =12 MHz

    REFB =30 MHz

    REFBB=12 MHz

    Sys Clk=30.72 MHz

    For channel 0,all lights turn green in ACE tool ,it seems that Ref input , DPLL0 and APLL0 all work.


  • AD9545 configuration from FPGA

    Hi everyone,

    We are trying to configure the AD9545 (in the evaluation board) from an own FPGA based board. For this, we will connect some output pins from our FPGA to the 4 SPI pins in the AD9545 evaluation board. But my question for now is, there is…