• AD9544 Outputs stopped working.

    Just getting started here, and I need some assistance.

    I’ve made some good early progress, but have somehow lost the ability to see any outputs.
    Seems like a noobie problem, but it’s stopped me in my tracks.
    What’s more perplexing, is I…

  • RE: AD9544 1 PPS Application Questions


    I believe this is because the 1PPS generator has some quantization noise and generates jumps into its 1PPS periods. The AD9545 DPLL0 tries to follow the jumps and if the phase lock threshold is too low, the DPLL signals the out of phase lock. If the…

  • AD9544 Configuration


    I am working on a system that requires a 32.768MHz master clock delivered to 5 separate locations (single-ended CMOS). The system also needs to take a 1PPS signal from GPS receiver as an input to synchronize. 

    I do not see any readily available…

  • AD9544 reference c/c++ code


    Is there any reference code for tunning AD9544 internals? Evaluation software is good for start, and register export allows to setup static configuration but isn't very helpfull when  it come to dynamic reconfiguration.

  • AD9544 DPLL Phase Lock Problem


    I’m hoping to get some help with an issue I’ve been having. I’m trying to get a synchronized 1PPS signal from the AD9544 .

    my setup:

    input REFB: 1PPS from GPS receiver

    sysclk:52M Crystal Oscillator .



  • RE: AD9544 Users Guide.

    AD9544 Evaluation Board User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki].pdfAD9544-Register-Map-Reference-Manual-UG-1168.pdf


    it is not clear to me why you could not access the wiki page. Maybe try with another browser? Anyway, I made a printout of the AD9544 eval…

  • AD9544 SPI programming problem

    I try to setting up AD9544 over 4 wire SPI, but have some problem. When writing to some registers, the read value corresponds to the written one. But for some other registers, for example, the register with the address 0x1500 (the register of the output…

  • AD9544/PCBZ & ACE does not work

    Hi all,

    Our customer has start to evaluate the AD9544/PCBZ & ACE, but does not work, and can not evaluate !


    AD9544 Evaluation Board User Guide

    Known Issues

    The AD9544 plug-in may not work…

  • Using AD9544 for 1PPS Output


    I have an application in which I have two 1PPS signals as reference inputs to discipline (use one of two 1PPS inputs) the AD9544 system clock to generate a desciplined 1PPS output. I am considering the AD9544 for such application. However, I do have…

  • AD9544 & ACE : create EEPROM file

    Hi ,I am using the AD9544 evaluation broad and I would like to export the data from the registers to create an eeprom file from the ACE software. Can you give me some suggestions on how to use ACE ?