• AD9544 evaluation board connection


    I have a question about the AD9544 rating board.
    I'm using ACE to connect an AD9544 evaluation board, but it's not recognized by ACE.
    Is there any possible cause?

    The version of ACE is 1.10.2671.1118.

    AD9544 is displayed as Unapproved.

  • Question on how to use ACE without AD9544 EVB

    I'm trying to use ad9544.
    I want to make a register map by setting the input/output frequency of the clock to be used, but Ace seems to work only on the board.

    Is there any way to use ace without evb board?
    If so, please let me know.

    thank you.

  • AD9544 Question on how to calculate output clock based on input clock frequency

    I'm trying to use the AD9544.
    I want to take a REF 25MHz input and create a synchronized output 25MHz LVDS clock.

    I would like to change the additional output 25MHz in steps of 5Khz to 50Khz depending on the control. (Ex. 5KHz step: ..., 24.995MHz…

  • AD9544 Outputs stopped working.

    Just getting started here, and I need some assistance.

    I’ve made some good early progress, but have somehow lost the ability to see any outputs.
    Seems like a noobie problem, but it’s stopped me in my tracks.
    What’s more perplexing, is I…

  • AD9544 I2C Evaluation Board and ACE Software


    According to the ad9544-user-guide wiki (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad9544-user-guide) I should be able to control the eval board with the ACE software via the I2C.  I've set up the jumpers on the board for I2C communication but there is…

  • AD9544 DPLL Phase Lock Problem


    I’m hoping to get some help with an issue I’ve been having. I’m trying to get a synchronized 1PPS signal from the AD9544 .

    my setup:

    input REFB: 1PPS from GPS receiver

    sysclk:52M Crystal Oscillator .



  • Use of the AD9545_EEProm Management script for an AD9544 target

    When using this tool with a AD9544 .cso file, the tool generates a rather large list of exceptions relative to missing data, and registers. 

    The AD9544 is a subset of the AD9545 feature-set so this is not particularly surprising. 

    Can someone confirm that…

  • AD9544 1 PPS Application Questions


    Working on an application which has 1 PPS input from GPS and have available 24 MHz clock from OCXO. Need 1 PPS jitter clean up and need to generate 1 PPS and 10 MHz outputs with the 10 MHz signal being sync’d to the 1 PPS signal. I’ve read through…

  • AD9544 difficulty in achieving reliable lock w/ 1pps GPS reference.

    Objective:  I need to create a variety of clocks that neither gain or lose cycles relative to similarly disciplined clocks at distant locations.  I need a well-disciplined 10 MHz,  44.1kHz and other related sample rate clocks required for system operations…

  • System clock reference input path for AD9544


    According to the datasheet of AD9544, I have made the following schematic for the system clock input:

    R1 = 150R

    R2 = 330R

    However, I discovered that my TCXO deliver an 0.2Vdd - 0.8Vdd output (https://www.mouser.fr/datasheet/2/122/ECS-2520SMV-1628252…