• AD9542-About the problem that ACE tool recognizes as AD9545 when connecting AD9542 to ACE tool

    I am using the AD9542 evaluation board.
    When this evaluation board is connected to the ACE tool, it is recognized as AD9545 on the ACE tool.

    Similarly, other devices have the problem that AD9544 is recognized as AD9545.

    The answer here is that the internal…

  • AD9542 EEPROM


         Customer pull-up pin “M3” to let AD9545 load from EEPROM at power-up. “M1” connect to AT24C16D SCL and “M2”  connect to SDA.

    But customer cannot see I2C transition during power-up. Is there any strap pin need…

  • AD9542 application possible?


    We're planning to use the AD9542 in a clock synchronization application.

    This is the starting point:

    - We have 2 reference sources - Reference A & B

    - Reference A is extracted from an incoming signal, and can be interrupted

    - Reference…

  • ad9542 IEEE 1588 sync


               Customer FPGA will get IEEE 1588 Timestamps  then sync AD9542. How to sync IEEE 1588 with AD9542? 

               Customer have two questions.

    1. Customer get IEEE 1588 Timestamps   then use SPI to tuning output clock for synchronization. if they input syncE…

  • AD9542 Plugin cannot work

    I installed ACEInstall_1.10.2671.1118.exe and AD9542 Plugins (Board.AD9542.1.1.8.ACEZip). But When I opened the AD9542 board ,the ACE software crashed. My Os is windows7 64bit。

    anyone give some advice? 

    thanks a lot

  • Question about RESETB in AD9542

    In Table 25.Pin Function Descriptions, the pin type of pin 48 of the AD9542 says "1.8V CMOS logic."
    But on "Description", "Changes to the VDDIOA supply voltage affect the VIH values for this pin."

    Therefore, if 3.3V is applied…

  • AD9542 could not lock


    We use the AD9542 setting ,please ref to the attached  cso file.

    We can see OUT1A clock is 245.76MHz and RefB is 25MHz on our board.

    The register(0x3001) shows 0x3, it meant SYSCLK is stable and locked but PLL1 and PLL0 could not lock.

    How do I lock…

  • Inquiry about AD9542 application


    My customer wants to generate the following synchronized clock signals in one clock IC.

     - Reference clock input : 10MHz

     - Output clock : 10MHz, 122.88MHz, 491.52MHz 

    Is this application possible with the AD9542 ?
  • Questions about AD9542 INITIALIZATION SEQUENCE

    I am programming “Figure 43. Programming Sequence Loop” on page 34 of the AD9542 data sheet.

    However, an error came out and the debugger came out as follows. Please review what kind of problem there is.

    subProcessAnalogPllInitialization fail…

  • Questions about AD9542 SPI Register Write

    My customer is doing AD9542 SPI Write, but the value of the register below is fixed as the default value when reset as shown below and is not being written.

    ADDR[200] write [17] but read [0]

    ADDR[201] write [9] but read [0]

    ADDR[203] write [8] but…