• AD9528 Output clock not generating


    we are using AD9528 clock chip for generating clocks for  ADRV9029 chip and FPGA.

    The issue is we are not able to get  the output from the clock chip.

    we are giving the below inputs for the AD9528 chip

    REFA /REFA_N : 30.72MHz.

    VCXO_IN: 122.88MHz.


  • AD9528 write register invalid

    1、In my ad9258 chip, the 8th pin VCXO_VT pin is always low voltage. The second pin (rfa) and the third pin (rfa_n) have differential signal input.

    2、No matter how the register value is modified, out13 always outputs the reference clock input by rfa, but…

  • AD9528 Clock Output

    I am using AD9528 chips to generate device clocks and Sysref for AD9375 which are as follows:

    Reference clock used is 10MHz and VCXO clock is 122.88MHz 

    Required Outputs - 122.88MHz (Device Clock) & Sysref - 0.96MHz

    As per Evaluation software, all…

  • RE: AD9528 gerber files


    please4 find attached the gerber files of the latest AD9528 evaluation board revision C.



  • AD9528 Process


    Wondering if you could provide the fab process for the AD9528? CMOS, BiCMOS, GaAs, ect

    Thank you 

  • AD9528 PLL1 and PLL2 unlocked

    product = AD9528
    softwareversion =
    <detailed setup information>
    -- PLL1 --
     - Ref A -
        Input Freq: 32.0 MHz
        Ra: 4
        PFD Freq: 8.0 MHz…

  • AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board USB driver problem

    We have just bought an AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board. I have followed the instructions from https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad9528-user-guide#pc_connections, but the board is not recognised by my Windows 7 PC.

    After connecting the wall power supply…

  • AD9528 CLK input

    I want to drive CLK inputs of the ADRV9026 by using AD9528.

    SYSREF JESD204 and baseband clocks will be drived by outputs of the AD9528.

    Therefore, I will supply a cyrstal CLK input to AD9528.

    Can I drive REFA and VCXO_IN inputs of the AD9528 with a clipped…

  • AD9528 VCXO Input

    AD9528 has a VCXO input described as PLL1 oscillator input.

    I want to use AD9528 for two reasons:

    1-) SYSREF JESD204B clock generation (internally)

    2-) Multiplexing baseband clock input that is applied to REFA pin

    (REFA input will be drived with 40MHz…

  • HMC7044 vs AD9528

    I am designing a module with AD9375 RF Transceiver. i need to provide reference clock of 122.88MHz<219fs jitter.
    I came across AD9528 & HMC7044 which might meet my requirements.I calculated the Timing jitter using ADI Sim CLK as shown below,