• VCO for AD9525

    Hello Guys,

    for our project we need a high performance vco to get the best case on the output of the clock generator.

    We thought about the http://www.crystek.com/microwave/admin/webapps/welcome/files/vco/CVCO55BE-1500-1900.pdf

    There range we are looking…

  • AD9525 ignores REFA


    When configuring a clock for my AD9914 i ran into a problem with my AD9525 chip. It works, i can set and read the registers, but it ignores the REFA input. Output is visible but not the frequency i expect (3.4GHZ instead of 3.5 as configured). The…

  • ADIsimCLK and AD9525

    Can the register settings for the AD9525 be extracted from ADIsimCLK somehow? I do not have an evaluation board.



  • Question about AD9525


       I have some questions about AD9525.

    (1) In the page 8 of the datasheet , table 12 give the "clock output absolute time jitter". What does it mean? Does this jitter include the performance of the external VCO?

    (2) Is there a device…

  • error with AD9525


    I use AD9525 in my design. I meet a problem that confused me.

    As known, AD9525 is configured through SPI bus, which contain SCLK, SDIO, SDO and CS lines. In my design, I use five AD9525 chips, and I connect the five chips with SCLK  and SDIO lines…

  • AD9525 Communication Problem

    Hi, I have been working with an AD9525 which is connected in 4 wire SPI mode.

    I am having trouble communicating with the device.  From what I understand I first need to set the SDO active bit in the SPI mode register.  So the SPI transaction would be 3…

  • AD9525 PFD understanding


    I  have a problem with the understanding of the PFD with charge pump.

    From the first attached graphic below I thought, that the charge pump will either pump up or is high impedance, as long as the reference frequency is higher than the VCO frequency…

  • Ref-Oszillator for AD9525


    I want to use the AD9525 as clock distribution (and PLL) for the AD9914. Therefor I'm looking for a (about 100-500MHz) refetence oszillatr for the AD9525.

    The clock will be at 3.5GHz. I've seen, that the AD9525 has 2 differential ref-inputs and…

  • AD9525 and AD9524 / crosstalk

    Question related to AD9525 and AD9524:

    If clocks of similar frequencies, but uncorelated otherwise, are connected to both reference inputs (REFa, REBb or even REFc) how big impact this have on output jitter because of crosstalk or other sources of error…

  • Propagation Delay of AD9525


    There are two propagation delay about AD9525 in datasheet.They are CLKIN TO LVPECL OUTPUT and REF TO LVPECL OUTPUT. For the CLKIN TO OUTPUT, the delay range from 461ps to 600ps, while for REF TO OUTPUT, the delay change from 267 to 924ps. Why for…