• RE: SYSREF signal of AD9625 on the EVA board.

    Hi Akira-

    The AD9625ce04c1_sch  evaluation board is designed for maximum flexibility in clocking the AD9625, but does not allow easy use of the SYNC_OUT signal for SYSREF.  As such, only the direct input clock path is used on the AD9525 and it can optionally…

  • RE: Question about SYNC_OUT of AD9525

    Thanks. But, I have a question. Could you please look at attached schematics. It is schematics of AD9625 EVB. We can see AD9525 in the page 4.(sheet 4 of 9). In the schematics, any REFs (REFA, REFB & REFC) were not connected to AD9525. Butm SYNC_OUT &…

  • RE: ADCLK944 + PLL

    Hello Paul,

    thank you! the AD9525 suits good for my project! since the AD9525 is very new, please can you provide me some information:

    when will be the suitable eval board available to buy?

    when and from which distributor i could buy the AD9525?

  • Question about AD9525


       I have some questions about AD9525.

    (1) In the page 8 of the datasheet , table 12 give the "clock output absolute time jitter". What does it mean? Does this jitter include the performance of the external VCO?

    (2) Is there a device…

  • VCO for AD9525

    Hello Guys,

    for our project we need a high performance vco to get the best case on the output of the clock generator.

    We thought about the http://www.crystek.com/microwave/admin/webapps/welcome/files/vco/CVCO55BE-1500-1900.pdf

    There range we are looking…

  • error with AD9525


    I use AD9525 in my design. I meet a problem that confused me.

    As known, AD9525 is configured through SPI bus, which contain SCLK, SDIO, SDO and CS lines. In my design, I use five AD9525 chips, and I connect the five chips with SCLK  and SDIO lines…

  • RE: I'm finding a 3.5GHz clock generator for AD9914

    Hi Radarrr,

    I apologize for the delay in getting back with you. 

    The AD9525 evaluation board page would be helpful. This has the schematic and layout of the ADI reference design as well as the BOM, containing a recommended VCO. It also has the evaluation…

  • RE: AD9522

    Would the AD9525 work as well?

  • RE: Best Clock Generation/Distribution IC of ADI for connecting to AD9912.

    Is this a clock source for the AD9912?

    The AD9525 is the lowest jitter, and is a good choice. However, you much AC-couple this input.

    Therefore, your circuit will have 180 ohm pull-down resistors on the AD9525 outputs, following by decoupling caps,…

  • RE: Synchronizing two AD9915


    I have talked with DSB. Here's one proposal for synchronizing 2 AD9915s using all ADI evaluation boards.

    1) The AD9525 is used to provide coincident REF CLK edges so having equal cable lengths is important. Note, the AD9525 comes with the…