• Int. VCO range AD9524


    According to the datasheet of the AD9524 the internal VCO range is from 3600MHz - 4000MHz.

    In the simulation software ADIsimCLK (v1.40) this VCO range seem to be 3350MHz - 4050MHz.

    What is the correct range?



  • AD9524 failed to lock


     I have a AD9524/PCBZ(REV C), and PC is win10 64-bit.

    The software is the newest version on the website(v2.1.3).

    The AD9524 architecture is like this

    I got good connection with the EVB including reading and writing the registers, so I suspect that…

  • AD9524 VCXO range

    Dear all,

    In the datasheet of AD9524 , page 18, it mentions that "VCXO is from 15MHz to 250MHz".

    SO, a 10MHz VCXO can not be used with AD9524?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best wishes,


  • AD9524 tested VCXOs


    Does ADI have a list of VCXOs that have been tested with the AD9524?  I have a customer looking for what VCXOs besides the one in the eval board that ADI has validated with the AD9524.



  • AD9524 Power Sequence


    Is there any required/recommended power sequence for the AD9524 1.8V and 3.3V rails?




    Please teach me AD9524 LVPECL termination.

    Data sheet recommends Fig17.

    But there is no return path in fig17.

    Is return path necessary?

    We are considering the configuration, such as attachments.
    Is there a issue?

    Thank you.

  • ad9524 IBIS t 1.8V


    I downloaded the AD9524 IBIS model. But it seems that the output can be configurated only the 3.3V

    how to download ad9524 IBIS model working with 1.8V LVCMOS output ?

    thank you

  • AD9524 i2c/spi selection

    We want to use AD9524 in i2c mode so we have two 10K pull-up resistors on STATUS0/SP0 and STATUS1/SP1 pins.

    According with the datasheet there are 40K pull-down internal resistors on those pins, however those pins will never go high not even when we…

  • AD9524 i2c data line

    On a i2c bus I have an AD9524  which is powered OFF when all the other devices on the i2c bus are ON.

    The pull-up resistors on the i2c bus are 3K.

    On the i2c clock line I measure 3.3V after power on but on the i2c data line I measure only 1.5V. If I…

  • AD9524 EEPROM problem


    I can't save the configuration to the EEPROM.

    Every time I power down the EVB, the last setting cannot be loaded out.

    Without writing the configuration to EVB again, the EVB won't work.

    Could anyone please teach me how to use the EEPROM correctly…