• RE: AD9524 i2c data line

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for very good info!.

    Unfortunately my AD9524 behaves differently. When AD9524 doesn't have any power to it I could measure 1.75mA current going into the AD9524 SDA pin from the i2c bus which is powered. At the same time the voltage at…

  • RE: Hello,

    Dear M-B,

    > Can I use the AD9524 in zero delay mode just by routing OUT0 to ZD_IN, and  without writing anything to the chip?

    No. You'll need to program the chip. However, you can store those values in an EEPROM inside the AD9524 so that the AD9524…

  • RE: AD9524 PLL2 don't lock at low temperature

    Hi All !!!

    It's a pity, but all Russian support guidance was useless. VCXO calibration is failed, PLL2 feedback clock is absent.

    Moreover i found one more AD9524 bug. My AD9524 SPI controller can die at power-up. Especially after heating up to…

  • AD9524 No VCXO clock at all


    I'm using AD9524 with fixed VCO CMOS generator. My scheme look like this http://ez.analog.com/thread/7746?tstart=1

    All powers +1.8/3.3 V is good, VCO get good clear clock, SPI of AD9524 is worked, but when i read status register at adress…

  • AD9524 power-down and normal operation setting


    I set AD9524 in power-down mode register 0x233 as follow:

    power ON my PCBA (0x233 = 0x07 default) --> switch to normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) -->power-down (0x233 = 0x07) --> normal operation(0x233 = 0x00) success on most PCBA.

    But a few…

  • RE: Int. VCO range AD9524

    Hi Dexter,

    The correct range of the internal VCO on the AD9524 is 3600MHz - 4000MHz.

    The range shown in ADIsimCLK v1.4 needs to be updated for the AD9524.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


  • AD9524 tested VCXOs


    Does ADI have a list of VCXOs that have been tested with the AD9524?  I have a customer looking for what VCXOs besides the one in the eval board that ADI has validated with the AD9524.



  • AD9524 VCXO range

    Dear all,

    In the datasheet of AD9524 , page 18, it mentions that "VCXO is from 15MHz to 250MHz".

    SO, a 10MHz VCXO can not be used with AD9524?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best wishes,


  • AD9524 i2c/spi selection

    We want to use AD9524 in i2c mode so we have two 10K pull-up resistors on STATUS0/SP0 and STATUS1/SP1 pins.

    According with the datasheet there are 40K pull-down internal resistors on those pins, however those pins will never go high not even when we…

  • Designing with the AD9524

    I have chosen the AD9524 for a new design, are there any common issues or problems I should be aware of to improve my chances of building a successful design the first time?  Any other parts I should consider instead?