• RE: Failure powering up PLL2 on AD9523-1

    Hi Torwa,

    I find your comment somewhat confusing.  Your register file shows that you are writing "&h233,&b00000000   ;00 Hex, 000 Dec" to register 0x233.  This is appropriate to power up 3 main sections of the AD9523-1 - PLL1/PLL2/Distribution…

  • RE: ad9523-1 eval software


    The AD9523 is not recommended for new designs and the AD9523-1 is listed as an alternative. We want potential customers of the AD9523 to evaluate the AD9523-1. However, we also want people to still have access to the AD9523 eval software. This is…

  • driving ad9523-1 with FPGA

    hi all, 

    i have a problem for detecting my VCXO, REFA and REFB inputs to AD9523-1  !

    i have designed my schematics like  ad9523-1 EVAL board and now i am writing  and reading registers via I2C interface correctly.

     VCXO range :single ended 10 to 40 MHZ.


  • FAQ: Does the AD9523, AD9524, or AD9523-1 have glitchless switchover?


    When a reference is switched from REFA to REFB in the AD9523/24/23-1 will there be glitch of the output clock signal?



    The AD9523/24/-1 does not have…

  • AD9523-1: Can I bypass PLL1 and only use the PLL2?

    Can I can bypass the PLL1 in AD9523-1 and input a ref clock at the OSC pins
    In the datasheet, I don't find any register to disable the PLL1, so I am not
    sure it is OK to bypass it.


    Yes the AD9523, AD9523-1, and AD9524 can all…

  • configuration AD9523-1 on FMCDAQ2

    Hello there!
    I am now learning how to use FMCDAQ2 on KC705.
    I now want to configure the registers of FMCDAQ2 by myself to change the sampling rate, reference clock and other parameters. So I used verilog to generate a SPI communication module to configure…

  • AD9523-1 setting with AD9523


    Our customer used AD9523 before. But AD9523 NRND, they need to change to AD9523-1.

    1. If they change to AD9523-1, do they need to modify the firmware or hardware?

    2. AD9523-1 add VCO Divider M1 and M2 Coupling meanwhile add some register.
    Could you share…

  • AD9523-1通过SPI配置问题


    我现在正在学习如何在KC705上使用FMCDAQ2。 现在,我想由我自己配置FMCDAQ2的寄存器,以更改采样率,参考时钟等其他参数。 因此,我使用verilog生成了SPI通信模块,以配置AD9523-1,AD9144和AD9680的寄存器。 目前,我想通过写入一些AD9523-1寄存器来生成sample_clk,sysref,refclk和sync。 但是,AD9523-1没有输出正确的结果,且现在无法执行AD9144和AD9680的配置。 这是我配置AD9523-1的寄存器地址和值…

  • clock input of AD9523-1 Evaluation Board


    I would like to create a network sensor sharing same clock (38.4 MHZ using ASTXR-12-38.400MHZ-513501).

    Is it possible to use "AD9523-1 Evaluation Board" to duplicate the external clock( ASTXR-12-38.400MHZ-513501) on several channels to provide as…