• FAQ: Does the AD9523, AD9524, or AD9523-1 have glitchless switchover?


    When a reference is switched from REFA to REFB in the AD9523/24/23-1 will there be glitch of the output clock signal?



    The AD9523/24/-1 does not have…

  • Failure powering up PLL2 on AD9523-1

    We are using AD9523-1 as clocking source for our ADC system, working along with AD9680 and Xilinx Zynq, with a similar design as FMCDAQ2 provided by ADI. 

    We are now testing our board, but it seems that the clocking chip cannot power up its PLL2 component…

  • driving ad9523-1 with FPGA

    hi all, 

    i have a problem for detecting my VCXO, REFA and REFB inputs to AD9523-1  !

    i have designed my schematics like  ad9523-1 EVAL board and now i am writing  and reading registers via I2C interface correctly.

     VCXO range :single ended 10 to 40 MHZ.


  • ad9523-1 eval software

    Please do not display, the ad9523 software for the ad9523-1.

    I just wasted 4h by using the ad9523 software.

    Everything worked exept for 1 Register, which is a pain to debug.

    However, thank you for providing the software!

  • AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ clock generator AD9523 configuration


    according to 


    the AD9523-1 has a default configuration. Is it saved on the internal EPROM? 

    On board schematics, page 4 (on image),


  • AD9523-1 setting with AD9523


    Our customer used AD9523 before. But AD9523 NRND, they need to change to AD9523-1.

    1. If they change to AD9523-1, do they need to modify the firmware or hardware?

    2. AD9523-1 add VCO Divider M1 and M2 Coupling meanwhile add some register.
    Could you share…

  • AD9523-1: Can I bypass PLL1 and only use the PLL2?

    Can I can bypass the PLL1 in AD9523-1 and input a ref clock at the OSC pins
    In the datasheet, I don't find any register to disable the PLL1, so I am not
    sure it is OK to bypass it.


    Yes the AD9523, AD9523-1, and AD9524 can all…

  • ad9523 chipset

    hello ,

     I have a driver which has programmed the ad 9523 chipset. when the clock is operational, if I write a loop to read 0x22c (READBACK_0) after about 100s of reads, I find the value of 0x22c changes to 0 and reverts to 0xEB and then after some time…