• RE: AD9523-1  Can I precisely adjust output clock frequency with AD9523-1 (EVAL-AD9523-1)?

    Hello Dmitri,

    The AD9523-1 will respond to input frequency changes and remain locked, but only over a very limited range (perhaps +/- 50 ppm). The exact range will depend on the pulling range of the VCXO and to a lesser extent, the VCO2 frequency range…

  • AD9523-1 setting with AD9523


    Our customer used AD9523 before. But AD9523 NRND, they need to change to AD9523-1.

    1. If they change to AD9523-1, do they need to modify the firmware or hardware?

    2. AD9523-1 add VCO Divider M1 and M2 Coupling meanwhile add some register.
    Could you share…

  • The difference of AD9523 and AD9523-1

    Dear Sir:

               I am using the AD9643 + HSC ADC_EVAL (FPGA). On this AD9643 EVB, it has AD9523-1 chip need to program.

      However, I found in the SPIController for the HSC ADC_EVAL, the .cfg file it provided is for AD9523, not for AD9523-1.

      I have checked…

  • FAQ: Does the AD9523, AD9524, or AD9523-1 have glitchless switchover?


    When a reference is switched from REFA to REFB in the AD9523/24/23-1 will there be glitch of the output clock signal?



    The AD9523/24/-1 does…

  • ad9523 chipset

    hello ,

     I have a driver which has programmed the ad 9523 chipset. when the clock is operational, if I write a loop to read 0x22c (READBACK_0) after about 100s of reads, I find the value of 0x22c changes to 0 and reverts to 0xEB and then after some time…

  • AD9523

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    For  AD9643, AD9613, AD6649, or AD6643 Family Evaluation Board and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ, how to configure the Internal AD9523 to configure SPI controller to Generate 250MSPS Sample Rate


  • AD9523-1 PLL1

    I am using the non-OS reference design of FMCOMMS1 on ML605. 

    I am very confused about the configuration on control registers and bit description of AD9523-1.

    The "struct ad9523_platform_data ad9523_pdata_lpc" in AD9523_cfg.h

    has the…

  • AD9523-1

    I am using AD9523-1 in my design.  I am giving 125 MHz clock  to the  OSC_IN#  and 50MHz I/P to the REF A .

    PD# = '1'






    SYNC# = '1…

  • AD9523 PCBZ Frequency Offset

    I've reconfigured my AD9523 PCBZ Eval board by replacing the on board 122.88 MHz VCXO with a 100 MHz VCXO of the same part number (CVHD-950) with the goal of generating multiple-of-10MHz frequencies (20 and 40 MHz).  I'm not using a reference signal…

  • What is status AD9523


    Actually I tested AD9524 clock generator for clocking ADC and DAC converters in my radio system. But I need more outputs clock copies for distribution ( more then six). Similar IC to AD9524 is AD9523 with fourteen outputs but is not recomended…