• The difference of AD9523 and AD9523-1

    Dear Sir:

               I am using the AD9643 + HSC ADC_EVAL (FPGA). On this AD9643 EVB, it has AD9523-1 chip need to program.

      However, I found in the SPIController for the HSC ADC_EVAL, the .cfg file it provided is for AD9523, not for AD9523-1.

      I have checked…

  • AD9523

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    For  AD9643, AD9613, AD6649, or AD6643 Family Evaluation Board and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ, how to configure the Internal AD9523 to configure SPI controller to Generate 250MSPS Sample Rate


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    You can change the clock rate for the DAC via the I2C interface. But be aware that the clock is generated by AD9523-1 on the board. For an example on how to program the AD9523 take a look a the AD9523 No-OS driver.

    - Lars

  • RE: AD9643 - how do control the sampling rate?

    Dear Sir:

           We are using the AD9643 + HSC_ADC_EVALC, and we have tried to use the way you proposed to setup the AD9523. However, it didn't have any CLK output on the OUT2. After I checked the PLL chip on the AD9643 EVB, it is AD9523-1. And I have checked…

  • RE: FMCDAQ2 AD9523 PLL2 vco range 2.9-3.1 or 3.6-4.0 Ghz


    There is the AD9523 (VCO from  3.6 GHz to 4 GHz) and the AD9523-1 (VCO 2.94 GHz to 3.1 GHz). These are two different chips. The DAQ2 board features the AD9523-1. So the supported VCO range is from 2.94 GHz to 3.1 GHz.

    - Lars

  • RE: AD9523-1 jitter and phase lock

    Is there a particular procedure to verify and make sure AD9523-1 is successfully locked?

    I am using the reference design and no-OS, it seems that AD9523-1 is not locked

    as AD9548 OUT1P/OUT1N and AD9523-1 OUT5 are of similar frequency but not phase…

  • AD9523-1

    I am using AD9523-1 in my design.  I am giving 125 MHz clock  to the  OSC_IN#  and 50MHz I/P to the REF A .

    PD# = '1'






    SYNC# = '1…

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    I should have looked a bit closer, it does seem to change later in the function (outside of ad9523_setup) looks like it is this function.

    fmcomms1/AD9523/AD9523.c:int64_t ad9523_out_altvoltage6_DAC_DCO_CLK_frequency(int64_t Hz)


  • RE: ADF4351 Minimum Loop Bandwidth...

    Our most direct alternative to the LMK04800 series is the AD9523 and AD9523-1.Unfortunately, we don't cover that range of VCO frequencies any better than they do.