• RE: AD9522

    Hi Arman,

    Which version of the AD9522 do you have? The screenshot you shared before indicated it was an AD9522-0, but the setup file you have attached indicates it is an AD9522-3. If you clear that up for me, I should be able to determine the register…

  • AD9522

    ADI工程师,你们好,我想使用AD9522-0 ,输入80M时钟,输出3路40M的时钟,请问我需要按流程配置哪些寄存器呢?我目前配置的寄存器如下:


    "0000","00010100","24"    //Write


  • ad9511和ad9522的配置


  • AD9522 - driver code ?


    Where can I find driver code for AD9522?

    I tried all downloads in AD9522 page, but seems that nothing contains software source code.

    Thank you,


  • AD9522-X Evaluation board


    We interest on AD9522-4 for our design, we get the AD9522/PCBZ  evaluation board to check it.

    my question is regarding this note from UG-077

    " 1. Install the AD9522 evaluation software. Administrative
    privileges are required for installation…

  • AD9522 Clock Synthesizer Issue


    I have been programming AD9522 at input frequency 10 MHz and required output frequency 100 MHz. As I am probing Lock Detect (LD) pin, I am getting glitches of about 250 ns at random intervals.

    In another case, I am programming AD9522 at input freq…

  • AD9522 separate power supply


    In the evaluation board for AD9522, separate power supplies are used for Vs and Vcp.

    Is it mandatory?

    Can I power both the supplies from a single LDO -  ADP3339.


    Vishnu R.

  • AD9522-1 internal VCO problem


    I designed a PCB that includes an AD9522-1 that I intend to use for clock distribution. The supporting circuitry for the AD9522-1 is basically a copy of the AD9522/PCBZ Evaluation Board (which I also use to program the AD9522-1 in my design by means…

  • AD9522-1 REF IN Clock


    Looking for a support on AD9522-1 input reference clock.  We are using singled ended reference clock[one from FPGA, one from oscillator], with AC coupling and AD9522 internal DC offset is off.

    When we probed on the REF_IN pin, there is a -0.4V offset…

  • AD9522 PLL cann't be Locked

    Hi, appreciate your help first

        There are high speed AD, DA, FPGA, DSP and two Clock generation chip AD9522 on the board, one for AD and DA, one for FPGA MGT and DSP.

    The AD9522 schematics are attached as fpga.pdf, and the value of resistors and caps…