• AD9522-2四个LVDS输出设置一样,都是差分输出,峰峰值为600多mv,变成单端了,这是为什么?


    问题1 在输出的时候0端口峰峰值变成600mv,只有差分正极有输出,而差分负极没有输出,但是其它的3、6、11端口则输出正常,不知道是为什么?

    问题2 这四个输出频率都正常,只不过和理论差了1-2M,这个误差可以纠正吗?


  • AD9522


    I'm currently attempting to use the AD9522 Eval to clock my AD9914 Eval. I am using the internal VCO of the AD9522 Eval, but when I externally measure the output signal of my AD9522 I see a different frequency from what the evaluation GUI is telling…

  • AD9522

    ADI工程师,你们好,我想使用AD9522-0 ,输入80M时钟,输出3路40M的时钟,请问我需要按流程配置哪些寄存器呢?我目前配置的寄存器如下:


    "0000","00010100","24"    //Write


  • ad9511和ad9522的配置


  • AD9522 - driver code ?


    Where can I find driver code for AD9522?

    I tried all downloads in AD9522 page, but seems that nothing contains software source code.

    Thank you,


  • AD9522-X Evaluation board


    We interest on AD9522-4 for our design, we get the AD9522/PCBZ  evaluation board to check it.

    my question is regarding this note from UG-077

    " 1. Install the AD9522 evaluation software. Administrative
    privileges are required for installation…

  • AD9522 Clock Synthesizer Issue


    I have been programming AD9522 at input frequency 10 MHz and required output frequency 100 MHz. As I am probing Lock Detect (LD) pin, I am getting glitches of about 250 ns at random intervals.

    In another case, I am programming AD9522 at input freq…

  • AD9522 separate power supply


    In the evaluation board for AD9522, separate power supplies are used for Vs and Vcp.

    Is it mandatory?

    Can I power both the supplies from a single LDO -  ADP3339.


    Vishnu R.

  • AD9522-1 internal VCO problem


    I designed a PCB that includes an AD9522-1 that I intend to use for clock distribution. The supporting circuitry for the AD9522-1 is basically a copy of the AD9522/PCBZ Evaluation Board (which I also use to program the AD9522-1 in my design by means…

  • AD9522-1 REF IN Clock


    Looking for a support on AD9522-1 input reference clock.  We are using singled ended reference clock[one from FPGA, one from oscillator], with AC coupling and AD9522 internal DC offset is off.

    When we probed on the REF_IN pin, there is a -0.4V offset…