• AD9522-1 REF IN Clock


    Looking for a support on AD9522-1 input reference clock.  We are using singled ended reference clock[one from FPGA, one from oscillator], with AC coupling and AD9522 internal DC offset is off.

    When we probed on the REF_IN pin, there is a -0.4V offset…

  • USB connection on AD9522 evaluation board


    My customer has used AD9522 evluation board with AD9522 evaluation software version 1.2.0.

    In the case, the USB Status is 'EZSSP-0'.

    Recently, the customer purchased an additional AD9522 evaluation board. 

    The new AD9522 EVB only works…

  • AD9522-1 internal VCO problem


    I designed a PCB that includes an AD9522-1 that I intend to use for clock distribution. The supporting circuitry for the AD9522-1 is basically a copy of the AD9522/PCBZ Evaluation Board (which I also use to program the AD9522-1 in my design by means…

  • AD9522-X Evaluation board


    We interest on AD9522-4 for our design, we get the AD9522/PCBZ  evaluation board to check it.

    my question is regarding this note from UG-077

    " 1. Install the AD9522 evaluation software. Administrative
    privileges are required for installation…

  • RE: AD9648 randomly enters unrecoverable broken state at power-up.

    Hi Doug,

    Almost every five times I turn on, It happens once.

    i drive clock as differential with AD9522. after fpga loaded from flash i config AD9522, and set clock to 60MHz.

    if we enable the DRVDD regulator with AD9522 lock flag, and then assert digital…

  • AD9522


    I'm currently attempting to use the AD9522 Eval to clock my AD9914 Eval. I am using the internal VCO of the AD9522 Eval, but when I externally measure the output signal of my AD9522 I see a different frequency from what the evaluation GUI is telling…

  • AD9522 - driver code ?


    Where can I find driver code for AD9522?

    I tried all downloads in AD9522 page, but seems that nothing contains software source code.

    Thank you,


  • About unused CLK/CLK# pin of AD9522-1

    I would like to confirm about unused CLK/CLK# input pin of AD9522-1.

    What is the recommended state? (Open, Pul-up,,,)

    Best Regards,


  • RE: ADIsimCLK and zero delay errors

    Hi Greg,

    I am seeing the same issue.  This is a valid configuration.  An easy work around is to use the AD9522-4 model and instead of a total feedback of 20, use a feedback of 16.

    The model for the AD9522-4 will be an accurate representation of AD9522…

  • RE: AD9522 and ADISIMCLK not configuring 800MHz Output

    Hi adiup,

    The AD9522-0 has an internal VCO frequency range of 2.53GHz - 2.95GHz. That frequency range does not support an integer divide to create 800MHz at the output. The tool is not letting you set the VCO divider by 1 because of the internal VCO…