• AD9522-0 Locking to Incorrect Frequency

    I'm trying to configure the AD9522 in the "Mode 0: Internal VCO and Clock Distribution." On the REFIN input, I have a 12.5 MHz 3.3V CMOS square wave. REFINB has been shorted to ground with a 100 nF capacitor. I have enabled the clock doubler (R0x01D …

  • RE: AD9522

    I have the AD9522-0

  • AD9522

    ADI工程师,你们好,我想使用AD9522-0 ,输入80M时钟,输出3路40M的时钟,请问我需要按流程配置哪些寄存器呢?我目前配置的寄存器如下:


    "0000","00010100","24"    //Write


  • AD9522 and ADISIMCLK not configuring 800MHz Output

    I am thinking of using the AD9522-0 in a new design. I am playing with ADISIMCLK (version 1.70.04) but I cannot seem to configure it to get a 800MHz output. Is there a bug in the tool that stops me from selecting divide by 1 as the VCO divider?

  • AD9522 - driver code ?


    Where can I find driver code for AD9522?

    I tried all downloads in AD9522 page, but seems that nothing contains software source code.

    Thank you,


  • RE: USB connection on AD9522 evaluation board

    Dear Paul Kern,

    Thanks for your help.

    I tried to go back using the ftp link above. but I could not set EZSSP-0 for the new AD9522 EVB.

    My customer wants to connect the new AD9522 EVB with 32bit only and EZSSP-0.

    Could you provide EZSSP USB driver…

  • ad9511和ad9522的配置


  • AD9522-X Evaluation board


    We interest on AD9522-4 for our design, we get the AD9522/PCBZ  evaluation board to check it.

    my question is regarding this note from UG-077

    " 1. Install the AD9522 evaluation software. Administrative
    privileges are required for installation…

  • AD9522 Clock Synthesizer Issue


    I have been programming AD9522 at input frequency 10 MHz and required output frequency 100 MHz. As I am probing Lock Detect (LD) pin, I am getting glitches of about 250 ns at random intervals.

    In another case, I am programming AD9522 at input freq…

  • AD9522 separate power supply


    In the evaluation board for AD9522, separate power supplies are used for Vs and Vcp.

    Is it mandatory?

    Can I power both the supplies from a single LDO -  ADP3339.


    Vishnu R.