• Programing ad9520-1 through SPI

    Hello Team ADI,

    I want to program AD9520-1 through my on board controller. can you please suggest me the CLK POL, CLK PHASE and the SPI frame format for programing the PLL?

    I have tried with the eval software it is working well.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • RE: 4*4 Tx/Rx Beamformer

    External LO has a divide by 2 inside. This divide by 2 is random, and it's randomness is determined by the LO input power. (if LO goes away, and comes back, then the phase of the divide by 2 is random). This randomness also depends on power up cycles…

  • ADIsimCLK ver1.7 bug? @AD9520-x

    Hi all,

    Our customer had simulated the AD9520-x w/ using the ADIsimCLK1.7.
    With the following the questions, the limited functions are bug ? or default setting ?

    The limited functions are only on ADIsimCLK1.7, not on the each devices ?

    1.AD9520-5 m…

  • HMC1020 SCI1-4 Configurations

    I have few questions regarding the HMC1020 RMS RF power detector that we use in
    some of our designs:

    1.       I saw that in the new datasheet of HMC1020 the number of combinations
    of the SCI1-4 logic pins was reduced (earlier the combinations went from 0000…

  • Some questions about using AD9520

    Hello,I have some questions about using  AD9520 PLL.

    I make a board of AD9520-3 .The REFCLK is 25MHz.The configuration of the PLLare shown below: R=100; N=8000; charge pump is 4.8mA.I design the PLL loop filter by ADIsimCLK as so:


    I want the output signal…

  • LTC6948-4 -Frequency pulling issue


    I have a design with LTC6948-4 which is followed by 3 amplifier stages. PLL operates in pulsed mode by driving the MUTE input (pulse width < 10 µs and PRF > 1 kHz).

    Up to 2nd amplifer stage output, both frequency and spectrum are OK. Since…

  • AD7124-4 with temperature diode


    I want to use the AD7124-4 to monitor a 2N2222 temperature diode in a remote device with 1mA bias current.

    I see the application section of the datasheet has example with thermocouple and RTD.

    Is there a similar example for temperature diode?

  • RE: 1:4 Fanout Buffer

    Hi sir.. we are also trying to develop such board with 4 ad9361.. can u pls suggest 1:4 fanout buffer to be used after ADF5355...



    I have a question. Please tell me.

    The data sheet describes the value read from DEVICE_ID in the ID register (0x05) as "0x04 (AD7124-4)/0x06 (AD7124-4 B grade)", which value is used for the AD7124-4-EP product?

    best Regards.