• ADIsimCLK ver1.7 bug? @AD9520-x

    Hi all,

    Our customer had simulated the AD9520-x w/ using the ADIsimCLK1.7.
    With the following the questions, the limited functions are bug ? or default setting ?

    The limited functions are only on ADIsimCLK1.7, not on the each devices ?

    1.AD9520-5 m…

  • RE: AD9514 with ADF5355

    Hi Meir,

    > I would like to ask i am considering working with one of the components AD9520-4/   AD9514/5

    > for DDS Clocking and, and i see alot of applications use the AD9520-4 for this purpose,

    > but this component has a lot of Registers for the…

  • RE: AD9520-4配置问题

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  • RE: AD9520-4 EVM clock distribution problem

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • AD9520-4 EVB's phase noise is too high


    We have a evb of ad9520-4, we use a 10MHZ ref from R&S spectrometer and config the evb to output a 50MHZ signal. According to ADIsimCLK, we should got a phase noise around -130dBc/Hz at 50KHz offset, but accually we got only -105dBc/Hz. The loop…

  • RE: Difference between AD9520-1 and AD9520-5

    From a performance perspective, using the AD9520-1 eval kit will be exactly the same if you either bypass the VCO, or replace the AD9520-1 on the EB with an AD9520-5.

  • RE: AD9520 (and equivalent) driven with TCXO

    Hi Alon,

    The AD9520 can be driven with a TXCO with either single ended or differential outputs.  The AD9520 provides a self biased receiver so most differential inputs can simply be ac coupled.  Please refer to the PLL reference inputs section of the AD9520…

  • RE: AD9520/22 Evaluation Board

    Hello Paul,

    I'm trying to connect AD9520/PSBZ (rev B), AD9520-3 to 64-bit window 7. I'm not sure if AD9520-3 and AD9520/22 are using the same software. Is there any new solution to this problem rather than install 32-bit window XP on virtual machine…

  • RE: Single Ended Output

    Hello Kyle,

    Thank you very much for your reply.  AD9520 seems like a better choice for me since I want to have an integrated VCO.  I will be using the AD9520 evaluation board along with a highly stable single-eneded 10MHz reference clock to drive 8 DDS…

  • AD9520 Programming Issue on the Socket

    Hi ADI Expert,

    We're referring UG-076's "USING THE EVALUATION BOARD TO PROGRAM AN AD9520 ON A USER BOARD" section and trying to program AD9520-4 on independent socket.

    At first, we have two different binary files and both can be programmed…