• AD9520-1 Eval Board - layout files available?

    Are the PCB layout files for the AD9520-1 Evaluation Board available? I am starting to layout a board with an AD9520.  Viewing  a .pdf of the existing evaluation board gerber files would be helpful... Thanks.

  • ADIsimCLK with AD9520-5 for Clock Distribution only?


    I want to simulate a loop filter for the AD9520-5 using an external VCO in ADIsimCLK.

    For the AD9520-5 there is only a configuration option for clock distribution with disabled PLL (no loop filter, no external VCO).

    Can I instead select another…

  • Some questions about the synchronization of AD9910 in the CN-0121


         I am synchronizing two AD9910 according to CN-0121, and have some questions.

        In the CN-0121,it uses the AD9520 to provide the clock signal.Is the purpose of AD9520 frequency multiplication?Does AD9520 have other purposes?

         I want to use one crystal…

  • RE: AD9522

    Hi Armen,

    A colleague of mine just pointed out that the AD9520-0 is pin compatible with the AD9522 and supports a VCO direct mode. The AD9520's outputs will toggle at 2800 MHz, but will not necessarily meet the VoD datasheet specifications. IT should…

  • RE: AD9520-0 PLL locking

    Hi Pkern,

    I am using AD9520 evaluation software to generate the register values and writing to it. The above values are the ones i got from it.

    Can u just send the registers values to be written to AD9520-0, with PLL locking?

    -Prakash B J

  • RE: AD9514 with ADF5355

    Hi Meir,

    > I would like to ask i am considering working with one of the components AD9520-4/   AD9514/5

    > for DDS Clocking and, and i see alot of applications use the AD9520-4 for this purpose,

    > but this component has a lot of Registers for the…

  • RE: Struggling to achieve a stable Lock Detect signal with the AD9517-1

    Hello Moysis,

    Can you verify that you're doing VCO calibration?  This is done by setting R0x018[0]=1b. VCO calibration will occur during the next IO_UPDATE (R0x232=0x01).

    If you send me an email to paul.kern@analog.com, I can send you a register…