• ad9520-2时钟发生


  • Difference between AD9520-1 and AD9520-5

    Hi all,

    I have an AD9520-5/PCBZ and need one more. So I tried searching for it on digikey, newark and mouser, but couldn't find it. Therefore, I am considering AD9520-1/PCBZ instead.

    My question is,

    1. Difference between AD9520-5 and AD9520-1…

  • ADIsimCLK ver1.7 bug? @AD9520-x

    Hi all,

    Our customer had simulated the AD9520-x w/ using the ADIsimCLK1.7.
    With the following the questions, the limited functions are bug ? or default setting ?

    The limited functions are only on ADIsimCLK1.7, not on the each devices ?

    1.AD9520-5 m…

  • RE: AD9520-5 PLL

    Yes, I do the B counter >= 3 and bypass the B counter. Register I write to AD9520 0x016 = 0b00001000. But it still divides by 2. It's behave very strange. If I set prescaler = 0 (divde by 1) it divides by 2. If I set prescaler = 1 (divide by 2) it divides…

  • AD9520-1 BCPZ  

    Hi, I am using AD9520-1 BCPZ  IC for getting 12 , 250 MHz differential clocks. In this case I have left open the pin no. 63 and 64 i.e. REF1 and REF 2 and giving an differential input clock of 100 MHz at pin no. 13  & 14. Loop filter input is coming from…

  • AD9520-1 BCPZ

    Hello Sir , I have a customized board in which We have used AD9520 IC. I have checked the IC in default mode it is alive i.e. it is giving a response of 6.25 MHz.
    I am trying to write a code through which I can write some value into the register and read…
  • AD9520-1 config settings


            We are using a  AD9520-1 , in two modes

    1) In mode 0 it uses internal VCO which generates 2.52 Ghz, VCO divider with division value 6, so the output frequency is 420Mhz.

       Q.) can i bypass every divider except the VCO divider?

    2) In mode 1 it…

  • AD9520-0 Communication problem.


    I am using AD9520-0 clkgen, I am trying to communicate it using SPI.

    I have made the following configuration:

    1. I have kept SP0 and SP1 of AD9520 high.
    2. I have kept the pins REF_SEL,RESET,SYNC,PD high and EEPROM low.

    I am not able to read…

  • AD9520-1bcpz EEPROM Programing

    Hello Sir,

    I have done the programing of AD9520 clock synthesizer but I am not able to find out the way of programming the EEPROM. Kindly give me some suggestions.

  • AD9520/22 Evaluation Board


    I am trying to get the Windows device drivers for the AD9520/22 Evaluation Board. I installed the AD9522EvalSetup.exe but it did not include the drivers.

    I need drivers for Win XP and Win 7 64.

    Thank you,