• ad9520-2时钟发生


  • Difference between AD9520-1 and AD9520-5

    Hi all,

    I have an AD9520-5/PCBZ and need one more. So I tried searching for it on digikey, newark and mouser, but couldn't find it. Therefore, I am considering AD9520-1/PCBZ instead.

    My question is,

    1. Difference between AD9520-5 and AD9520-1…

  • ADIsimCLK ver1.7 bug? @AD9520-x

    Hi all,

    Our customer had simulated the AD9520-x w/ using the ADIsimCLK1.7.
    With the following the questions, the limited functions are bug ? or default setting ?

    The limited functions are only on ADIsimCLK1.7, not on the each devices ?

    1.AD9520-5 m…

  • RE: Single Ended Output

    Hi Peter,

    Keep in mind that you will not be able to output 1GHz using CMOS and LVPECL is better than LVDS for high frequencies.  The AD9520 has LVPECL outputs with a max output frequency of 2.4GHz. The AD9520 has a few versions that span different VCO…

  • RE: AD9520 (and equivalent) driven with TCXO

    Hi Alon,

    The AD9520 can be driven with a TXCO with either single ended or differential outputs.  The AD9520 provides a self biased receiver so most differential inputs can simply be ac coupled.  Please refer to the PLL reference inputs section of the AD9520…

  • RE: AD9520/22 Evaluation Board

    Hello Paul,

    I'm trying to connect AD9520/PSBZ (rev B), AD9520-3 to 64-bit window 7. I'm not sure if AD9520-3 and AD9520/22 are using the same software. Is there any new solution to this problem rather than install 32-bit window XP on virtual machine…

  • RE: Synchronizing multiple AD9517-1

    Thanks Paul,

    I am considering using AD9520 for another application due to the zero delay. Can i synchronize multiple AD9520 devices on different boards (with common ref clock and syncb signals) when using the internal VCO of the AD9520 ? Please advice…

  • RE: AD9520 Programming Issue on the Socket

    Hello Henry,

    Can you email a diagram of the connection to paul.kern@analog.com? I'm not sure how you're setting the I2C address on the remote AD9520 device from our board. It seems to me that you'll end up with both the local AD9520 on the eval board…

  • RE: USB connection on AD9522 evaluation board

    Dear JH,

    > Please help me how to download the "AD9520/22 Eval Board (32-bit only)" file.

    It's not a separate file.

    You need to download and install the programmer .EXE file. When you run it, you'll be able to select "AD9520/22 Eval…

  • AD9520-3 Phase Noise, Simulation vs Measurements


    I am using AD9520-3 for clock generation on my custom board. Input reference clock is 10MHz OXCO output with -155dBc/Hz phase noise (PN) at 10KHz offset. I am setting AD9520-3 VCO to 1800MHz and divide by 2 to get 900MHz provided to channels. I…