• AD9518-1 Pinout

    The OrCAD Capture CIS symbol created by UltraLibrarian from AD9518-1ABCPZ.bxl has the inverting and non-inverting pins of output channels 0, 1, 2, and 3 opposite from what is show in the AD9518-1 datasheet. Can it be assumed that the datasheet is correct…

  • RE: Hope to provide the firmware source for AD9518-0

    I used the Evaluation Board AD9518-0 the principle circuit, I want to produce a two-way 600MHz clock signal.

    The circuit board is designed based on evaluation board.

    The absence of the firmware, I the AD9549 firmware.

    Through several tests to find…

  • RE: AD9518 output signal can not be locked, and I need want get help.

    hi,Thank you.

    I have modified loop bandwidth 75KHz for AD9518-1 and output signal can be locked.using ADISimclk ,loop bandwidth 50Khz for AD9518-0 ,its output signal can be locked,also .

  • [EVAL] AD9518-3A/PCBZ board size


    Do you have AD9518-3A/PCBZ board size information?

    It is listed as EVAL product for AD9518-3.

    Thank you for your help as always.

    Best regards,


  • AD9518-1 no output


    we design a system with ad9518-1, but AD9518-1 pin outputs DC 1.6V, and the complement pin output DC 2.4V,  no clock output, why?

    Thank you!

  • LVDS specifications

    I'm using a AD9518-4 and using lvds for refin signals. In data sheet it is
    specified 250mV typical but I also want to know min and max voltage for lvds
    refin signals.


    Generally, the min input amplitude sensitivity for an LVDS receiver…
  • AD9518 Sync

    I Have two Ad9518's in different slots of my system that have the same 10mhz input clock in common. Both AD9518's are also configured to generate a 400Mhz clock on output 0&1. I'm trying to figure out how to phase align the outputs and I figured that…

  • AD9518 Calibration


    I’m using an AD9518-0 on my electronics board and now I’m facing some trouble to get the card “ready to serve” after an electrical reboot. In the FPGA connected to the AD9518-o(via SPI), I’m programming all the required settings right after the…

  • RE: AD9518与AD9522的VCO校验后无时钟输出问题

    请发给我们 1. AD9518寄存器配置,2. 配置顺序 , 3. ADISimCLK的仿真文件, 4.PDF格式 原理图。

  • RE: The ADRF6704 Debug Advisory and get help


    I've debugged the the ADF 4360 series devices and ADRF435X series, AD9518 family of devices。