• RE: Hope to provide the firmware source for AD9518-0


    Have you used the evaluation software to configure the evaluation board?


    If you tell us how you intend to use the part we can help…

  • AD9518 Calibration


    I’m using an AD9518-0 on my electronics board and now I’m facing some trouble to get the card “ready to serve” after an electrical reboot. In the FPGA connected to the AD9518-o(via SPI), I’m programming all the required settings right after the…

  • AD9518 Sync

    I Have two Ad9518's in different slots of my system that have the same 10mhz input clock in common. Both AD9518's are also configured to generate a 400Mhz clock on output 0&1. I'm trying to figure out how to phase align the outputs and I figured that…

  • AD9518-1 Pinout

    The OrCAD Capture CIS symbol created by UltraLibrarian from AD9518-1ABCPZ.bxl has the inverting and non-inverting pins of output channels 0, 1, 2, and 3 opposite from what is show in the AD9518-1 datasheet. Can it be assumed that the datasheet is correct…

  • RE: Timing parameter tc of Serial Control Port for AD9518-3

    Thank you for your reply.
    From Figure 51, I have thought that AD9518-3 samples on the rising edge of the SCLK.

    Is it true that AD9518-3 samples them on the negative edge of the SCLK.
    Thanks and Regards

  • AD9518-1 no output


    we design a system with ad9518-1, but AD9518-1 pin outputs DC 1.6V, and the complement pin output DC 2.4V,  no clock output, why?

    Thank you!

  • [EVAL] AD9518-3A/PCBZ board size


    Do you have AD9518-3A/PCBZ board size information?

    It is listed as EVAL product for AD9518-3.

    Thank you for your help as always.

    Best regards,


  • AD9518-1 - Script with registers settings

    Dear supported

    My customer is using the AD9518-1.


    Required Fout= 122.88Mhz on out4 (780mv) . The external Reference clk on REF1 is 25Mhz.


    Currently it seems like the PLL is not working,


    1. 1.      We get ~1.2Ghz from VCO + clocks on output0…
  • RE: AD9518 output signal can not be locked, and I need want get help.

    hi,Thank you.

    I have modified loop bandwidth 75KHz for AD9518-1 and output signal can be locked.using ADISimclk ,loop bandwidth 50Khz for AD9518-0 ,its output signal can be locked,also .

  • AD9548 v AD9518, comparison of phase noise performance

    I would like to know if the AD9548 would improve the phase noise performance in
    comparison with the AD9518 for my application?


    The AD9548 (if driven with an 50 MHz crystal on the system clock) may or may
    not have better phase noise…