• AD9517-4的SPI


  • Tuning sampling rate to AD9517-4 AD9467 for high frequency input


    i'm working with ZC702 and two FMC-cards: AD9739a (Transmitter) and AD9467 (Receiver). The hardware works in general and so i can pretend signals up to 1,25 GHZ directly via cable from AD9739a to AD9467 with the help of ADI IIO Oscilloscope.

  • AD9517-4 SPI in FPGA by Verilog module

    When using the FPGA (Zedboard Zynq Evaluation and Development Kit – xc7z0x0clg484-1) to control the AD9517-4(AD9467-FMC board) by SPI protocol in Verilog, I failed to send the command data and read out the registers’ data.

    The whole project is with 25MHz…

  • What's the frequency of AD9517-4's internal VCO

    Hi, I am using AD9517-4 as the clock generator with 10M single ended reference clock. However, I cannot get my PLL locked. So I want to know how to config my loop filter and N/R divider? I also notice that ADclkSim tells the internal VCO can have a range…

  • a problem about ad9517-4 out

    I use the FPGA write the 9517-4 registers as follow

    I want to get the 9517-4 working as follow simulation.

    But I can only get 1550MHz at out0. The out 4,out 6, out 7 go out

    a DC signal. the out7 also with a100MHz sine wave.now the sync

    pin is empty…

  • AD9517-4 VCO/PLL不能正常工作

    采用10M的参考时钟,需要输出125M的差分电平,但AD9517-4的VCO和PLL没有正常工作。请问VCO和PLL的正常工作需要注意哪些方面?是PLL的配置?或者是外部LOOP FILTER的电路设计需要和PLL的配置相匹配? 如何做? 谢谢大家!

  • How to bypass the divider2.1 &divider2.2 of AD9517-4

    I used the LVDS output4&5 of 9517-4, but I found I could not bypass the divider of these channals. I have configed many kinds of clocks with the divider2.1 &divider2.2 on, it's no problem about these.

    I have read the datasheet of 9517-4, it…

  • AD9517-4时钟芯片上电无参考输入未配置寄存器,OUT7引脚有输出。




  • AD9517 SPI


    On our board we are using AD9517-4 device. the SPI lines are controlled using Xilinx FPGA. after setting it in 4 wire SPI mode the write is happening properly. But whenever we try read operation it happens only one time. after the read operation…

  • AD9517-0 Evaluation board to drive a prototype board populated with an AD9517-0

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use a "AD9517/PCBZ (Rev B)" evaluation board to drive an AD9517-0 installed in another board designed by us.

    The intention is to use the "AD9516/17/18 Evaluation Software, Version 1.1.0" to control/program the AD9517…