• Is EVAL-AD9517-4 Set Up Wrong?

    Hi seniors.

    I'm trying to evaluate AD9517-4 using EVAL-AD9517-4 board and facing to a trouble.

    At first, I tried to use example setting which put on ADI Web site; AD9517_4_EvalBoardExample_In20MHz_Out200MHz.stp.

    # The file can be gotten from http…

  • AD9517-4,pll不能锁住

    我选用的是AD9517-4来驱动AD9257,AD9257的参考输入是单端的,直流耦合10MHz,想产生40MHz采样时钟,但是配置完后,把寄存器值读出来了,跟写进去的一样,但PLL没有锁住,那个LD默认检测的是digital lock detect,用chipscope抓取的这个引脚信号是周期性脉冲,意思是锁住一下,又没锁住,不知道是什么原因,还有大家说的AD951X寄存器产生软件,我没有找到。只下到一个SImCLK那个软件

  • 关于AD9517-4频率配置问题

    我的客户在做前期的方案的评估,会用到AD9517-4 。 前面使用ADIsimCLK配置过AD9517-4的频率,但是不太熟悉那个软件,所以没有配置成功。
    10MHz OCXO
    在同一时刻, Clock_2\Clock_3\Clock_4的频率总是相同的Clock_1总是 Clock_2\Clock_3\Clock_4频率的2分频
  • AD9517-4 doesn't work

    Hi engineer :

    I want to use HSC-ADC-EVALCZ  to configure my AD9517-4 circuit.The scheme as follows.

    The Interface is  same as AD9484-500EBZ. Then I loaded AD9517_for_AD9268EVB.cfg and AD9517_for_AD9268EVB.cal file through SPI Controller.The files as follows…

  • AD9517-4 phase noise


    We are using AD9517-4 for reference frequency set generation: 400MHz, 200MHz and 100MHz. We used GXO-E72 100MHz PECL crystal oscillator as reference.Our problem is - there is too much noise at offsets between 100Hz and 100kHz.

    Reference (100MHz…

  • AD9517-4 Configureration USE CY7C68013A

    Hi engineer :

    I have AD9484-500EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ development board.I want to use HSC-ADC-EVALCZ to cofigure AD9517-4.Can you provide example codes to us.I see the scheme is use CY7C68013A to configure AD9517-4.Thank you very much.

  • Pogramming the AD9517-4

    My design is based on the reference design: UG-328-DesignSupport from Analog Devices, Basically it consist of a AD9517-4, and the AD9253. In my design I program the different blocks from a Zynq FPGA.

    I am trying to program the AD9517-4 with no completelly…

  • AD9517-4: SPI programming problem

    Dear Sir,

    we are trying to programm AD9517-4 via 4-four wire SPI. Prior to SPI data flow we set PD (power down) pin to low. Then we send

    1. Write 0x99 to SPI Configuration Register to select 4-wire interface

    MOSI: 0x00 0x00 0x99

    2. Write Update…

  • AD9517-4 Single-Ended Mode

    I have started using AD9517-4. Could anyone give me any advice as below?

    On page4 in datasheet Rev.E, there is information about REFIN. I use only REF1 and I put 0.1uF at REF2.

    So I use this device as single ended mode. I put 10MHz via 0.1uF DC cut…

  • 关于AD9517-4的使用