• RE: AD9517,  outputs synchronisation in VCO divider activated mode

    yes, the SYNC function of the AD9517 guaranteed the phase of two /4 clocks divided inside the AD9517, that is not the case in my design. One /4 div is inside the ADC, the other inside the AD9517.

  • AD9517-4 doesn't work

    Hi engineer :

    I want to use HSC-ADC-EVALCZ  to configure my AD9517-4 circuit.The scheme as follows.

    The Interface is  same as AD9484-500EBZ. Then I loaded AD9517_for_AD9268EVB.cfg and AD9517_for_AD9268EVB.cal file through SPI Controller.The files as follows…

  • RE: Pogramming the AD9517-4

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  • AD9517-4的SPI


  • AD9517-4 phase noise


    We are using AD9517-4 for reference frequency set generation: 400MHz, 200MHz and 100MHz. We used GXO-E72 100MHz PECL crystal oscillator as reference.Our problem is - there is too much noise at offsets between 100Hz and 100kHz.

    Reference (100MHz…

  • EVAL-AD9517 programming interface

    Is there a programming interface for the EVAL-AD9517-4?

    I'd like to automatize (at least partly) the configuration of AD9517 registers.

  • AD9467-FMC-250EBZ Clock settings

    I can not use your design examples, because I have the SP601.

    The clock is not very clear.

    On the board is an oscilator 250Mhz.

    This signal goes to AD9517-4.

    What is the typial setting AD9517-4? I am not familar with the PLL. The datsheet is not…

  • Is EVAL-AD9517-4 Set Up Wrong?

    Hi seniors.

    I'm trying to evaluate AD9517-4 using EVAL-AD9517-4 board and facing to a trouble.

    At first, I tried to use example setting which put on ADI Web site; AD9517_4_EvalBoardExample_In20MHz_Out200MHz.stp.

    # The file can be gotten from http…