• AD9517-3 Clock Input

    Hi, My name is Haichuan LIN.

         I have already read about the AD9517-3 data sheet. And there is

    no information whether AD9517-3 clock input accepts sine wave.

    In data sheet, AD9517-3 clock input accept 150mVpp(1V/ns is prefered).

    Here, I want to make…

  • AD9517-3


    我们在使用AD9517-3的过程中发现OUT0 OUT1没有时钟信号输出,只输出一个大概2V的高电平,OUT2 OUT3有时钟信号输出,OUT0/OUT1OUT2/OUT3的输出频率都是设置为120MHz,LVPECL输出电压设置为780mV(默认值),使用交流耦合。请问是怎么回事?

    OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7都有时钟信号输出。

  • AD9517-3 SPI Interface


         For a new project we are using the AD9517-3. Prior to this we have successfully programmed and used the AD9523-1.

    The problem right now is that there is no response from the AD9517-3 in a 4 wire interface.

    The steps we follow are as follows…

  • AD9517-3 AMR of RESET


    Just confirmation, AMR of voltage from RESET to GND on AD9517-3 is same as SYNCb (-0.3 to Vs+0.3)?

    In the datasheet, there is no description of AMR for RESET pin.



  • AD9517-3 PLL无法锁定


    R = 1    A=0x04    B=0x16

    Prescaler P,use DM mode (Divide-by-8 (8/9 mode))

    VCO divider = 3

    Channel Divider=0x21(分频系数为5)




  • AD9517-3  输出时钟抖动疑问?

    用AD9517-3 输出50M频率,其中输入参考频率10M,并且是稳定的恒温晶振,但是幅度会有+-50mv的波动,控制AD9517-3后,读取0X001F寄存器提示PLL已经锁定,VCO也已经校准完成,但是此时用示波器测试AD9517-3的输出,发现输出频率在50MHZ+-0.2MHZ 波动,请问这是正常现象吗?


    thank you

  • AD9517-3 lock issue


             The problem is that the PLL is not locked and the output freq is not correct.

    We have a 200MHz differential reference in and the loop filter is same as that on the eval board.

    Reset is pulled high and Ref_Sel is tied low.

    After writing all…

  • AD9517-3

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    AD9517-3 on-chip VCO frequency range is 1.75GHz-2.25GHz, but the manual's Table 28. showoing using a 10 MHz Reference Input to Generate Different VCO frequency  less than 100MHz, is this conflict with teh  VCO's frequency range 1.75GHz…

  • How to config the AD9517-3 registers(fine delay ) to produced 180-degrees LVDS Outputs?

    hello guys.

    I design the processing board that contains the AD9517-3, tow AD9643, and Kintex-7 FPGA.

    The AD9517-3 LVDS outputs directly connected to AD9643 input_clk and FPGA HP banks; tow AD9643 ADCs works with 250 Mhz that AD9517-3 drives them. The…

  • AD9517-3 Clock distribution


    Iam using AD9517-3 Clock distribution to generate the LVPECL 1GHz, but we are not able to lock that device &  also no responce from the device,

    in ideal condition, at charge pump waht is the voltages levels at CP pin, after locking what is the…