• PFD operating frequency (AD9517-3)


    We are going to use AD9517-3 with its 2 GHz integrated VCO to generate 400 MHz clock for some ADC circuit. The reference clock for the PLL will come from a low-noise 50 MHz source. What phase detector frequency should be selected to achive lowest…

  • AD9517 Internal VCO


    I am moving away from my ZedBoard with the AD9467 FMC card and towards my custom board. I just got the board up and running and am attempting to change my source code to make the AD9517 use the internal VCO instead of the external oscillator that…

  • AD9517 Power Supply


    I want to use AD9517 only for clock distribution(LVCMOS output only), without PLL.

    Then, Can I disconnect VS_LVPECL and VCP ?


  • AD9517-3 occasionally loosing lock


    I'm using AD9517-3 clock synthesiser with the internal VCO mode for clock synthesis for data converters.

    1. The synthesiser fails to lock occasionally while attempting to reconfigure.

    Is there any sequence to be followed other than that mentioned…

  • VCP of AD9517

    We are using an external 5V VCO with AD9517. According to the manual, VCP should be tied oto 5V.

    But the output of VCO is attenuated to within 3V range, is it necessary to connect 5V to VCP?


    Chao Xiang

  • AD9517 LVPECL output

    Hi all,

    I'm using AD9517-4 for clock distribution. After configuration of it, I can detect the output with scope at OUT4~OUT7, no matter they are LVDS or CMOS.

    But I can't find the output at OUT0~OUT3.

    What is probably the cause?

    Chao Xi…

  • AD9517 SPI access


    I am having an AD9517-3 clock generator interfaced to a Xilinx FPGA through SPI interface on my board. We are not able to write any data to the chip using standard SPI protocol. Also we are unable to read any data from the device too. Our inference…

  • AD9517 fails to lock

    I have an AD9467-FMC-250EBZ card that contains the AD9517 clock reference.  I am trying to get the AD9517 to lock to an external 10MHz clock and modified the board as follows:

    1) Removed C209 and C210 and placed them on C304 and C305.

    2) Installed shorts…

  • AD9517-3 SPI Interface


         For a new project we are using the AD9517-3. Prior to this we have successfully programmed and used the AD9523-1.

    The problem right now is that there is no response from the AD9517-3 in a 4 wire interface.

    The steps we follow are as follows…

  • EVAL-AD9517 programming interface

    Is there a programming interface for the EVAL-AD9517-4?

    I'd like to automatize (at least partly) the configuration of AD9517 registers.