• AD9517-3 Clock Input

    Hi, My name is Haichuan LIN.

         I have already read about the AD9517-3 data sheet. And there is

    no information whether AD9517-3 clock input accepts sine wave.

    In data sheet, AD9517-3 clock input accept 150mVpp(1V/ns is prefered).

    Here, I want to make…

  • about AD9517-2 reg configration

    when i configration the AD9517-2,my configration is display as bellow;(use REF2 as reference clock,use the intener VCO);


    0004 01
    0010 7C
    0011 01
  • RE: AD9517 Linux Driver libiio

    Hi Oliver,

    It's a bit unusual ...

    The way to fully configure the AD9517 works via a firmware (.stp) file.

    You can create it using the Evaluation Software - 


  • Is EVAL-AD9517-4 Set Up Wrong?

    Hi seniors.

    I'm trying to evaluate AD9517-4 using EVAL-AD9517-4 board and facing to a trouble.

    At first, I tried to use example setting which put on ADI Web site; AD9517_4_EvalBoardExample_In20MHz_Out200MHz.stp.

    # The file can be gotten from http…

  • RE: AD9517 configuration through SPI Controller software


    The user guide (UG-003) describes the hardware connections required to use the AD9517 on page 6 in the last paragraph of the section "Clock Circuitry for the AD9269 Family."  You will need to make these changes to connect the AD9517 to the…

  • RE: iio_create_xml_context fails to load ad9517.xml

    If you are writing a C program then you can use Libiio to access the registers of a iio device provided that the linux driver supports that, as Tim mentioned.

    The following code snipped shows an example of a register read/write :


    // Get the iio…

  • AD9517 fails to lock

    I have an AD9467-FMC-250EBZ card that contains the AD9517 clock reference.  I am trying to get the AD9517 to lock to an external 10MHz clock and modified the board as follows:

    1) Removed C209 and C210 and placed them on C304 and C305.

    2) Installed shorts…

  • AD9514 synchronization

    I feed AD9514 CLK input from AD9517 output. SYNCB pin of AD9514 is tied with CSB pin of AD9517. After AD9517 callibration finish I read state of AD9517 register once more to synchronize AD9514 outputs, but result is sporadic. What may be a reason of this…

  • RE: AD9517,  outputs synchronisation in VCO divider activated mode

    yes, the SYNC function of the AD9517 guaranteed the phase of two /4 clocks divided inside the AD9517, that is not the case in my design. One /4 div is inside the ADC, the other inside the AD9517.

  • RE: AD9517-0 Evaluation board to drive a prototype board populated with an AD9517-0

    Hi everyone,

    I realize that to resolder the chip in the "AD9517/PCBZ (Rev B)" evaluation board is not so easy for me, so I am wondering if it is possible to use the evaluation board and software, with out removing the evaluation board AD9517-0, to control…