• AD9517-0 Evaluation board to drive a prototype board populated with an AD9517-0

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use a "AD9517/PCBZ (Rev B)" evaluation board to drive an AD9517-0 installed in another board designed by us.

    The intention is to use the "AD9516/17/18 Evaluation Software, Version 1.1.0" to control/program the AD9517…

  • RE: AD9517-0 is not locking as expected in one configuration - locks in others

    Hi Craig,

    I suggest using the AD9517-0 evaluation software that may be used as a simulator as well. When you try to introduce the setting you plan to use, you can see if the configuration is acceptable or not. I tried to introduce the second setting you…

  • AD9517 Internal VCO


    I am moving away from my ZedBoard with the AD9467 FMC card and towards my custom board. I just got the board up and running and am attempting to change my source code to make the AD9517 use the internal VCO instead of the external oscillator that…

  • AD9517 LVPECL output interface to a fanout buffer

    Hello everyone:

    I am using one AD9517-0 LVPECL output to drive a fanout buffer to convert the signal to two LDVS signals.

    In the AD9517-0 datasheet I can see this figure to interface LVPECL stages:

    On the other hand, in the datasheet of the fanout…

  • AD9517-3

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    AD9517-3 on-chip VCO frequency range is 1.75GHz-2.25GHz, but the manual's Table 28. showoing using a 10 MHz Reference Input to Generate Different VCO frequency  less than 100MHz, is this conflict with teh  VCO's frequency range 1.75GHz…

  • AD9517-3


    我们在使用AD9517-3的过程中发现OUT0 OUT1没有时钟信号输出,只输出一个大概2V的高电平,OUT2 OUT3有时钟信号输出,OUT0/OUT1OUT2/OUT3的输出频率都是设置为120MHz,LVPECL输出电压设置为780mV(默认值),使用交流耦合。请问是怎么回事?

    OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7都有时钟信号输出。

  • AD9517 SPI


    On our board we are using AD9517-4 device. the SPI lines are controlled using Xilinx FPGA. after setting it in 4 wire SPI mode the write is happening properly. But whenever we try read operation it happens only one time. after the read operation…

  • AD9517 Power Supply


    I want to use AD9517 only for clock distribution(LVCMOS output only), without PLL.

    Then, Can I disconnect VS_LVPECL and VCP ?


  • VCP of AD9517

    We are using an external 5V VCO with AD9517. According to the manual, VCP should be tied oto 5V.

    But the output of VCO is attenuated to within 3V range, is it necessary to connect 5V to VCP?


    Chao Xiang

  • AD9517 LVPECL output

    Hi all,

    I'm using AD9517-4 for clock distribution. After configuration of it, I can detect the output with scope at OUT4~OUT7, no matter they are LVDS or CMOS.

    But I can't find the output at OUT0~OUT3.

    What is probably the cause?

    Chao Xi…