• can EVAL-AD9516-0 keeps the register setup?


    I want to use EVAL-AD9516-0 as clock source for AD9208. 

    I know that EVAL-AD9516-0 has convenient software.

    I wonder if the settings are stored when I set up the settings using the software.

    So, I wonder if EVAL-AD9516-0 keeps the settings even…

  • RE: How to clock the AD9262 Evaluation board?


    There should be a separate SPI CONTROLLER configuration file (same directory as AD9262.cfg) called "AD9516spiR03.cfg" that can be used to configure the AD9516.  This directory should hve been installed when you installed software for…

  • RE: AD9516-0 with passive loop filter and external VCO

    Hi Giuliano,

    I don’t think it is AD9516 charge-pump issue because it is clear that AD9516 is specified for 0.8V~4.2V tuning operation over temperature range. I suggest you select the VCO with less temperature variation. If you have a VCO datasheets,…

  • Which clock chip can be used with the AD9689-2000ebz


         I konw the AD9152-FMC-EBZ with the clock chip AD9516,I want to know which clock chip can be used like the AD9516 in  AD9152-FMC-EBZ  to divide the clock for the AD9689. Can the AD9516 be used?Which clock board can the AD9689 be used with?

         Ads8 can…

  • how to connect REF_SEL of AD9516-3 when the REFIN is differential pair?


    Recently I make the AD9516-3 to output 1G ,250M and 200M from the REF_SEL 200MHz. I plan to connect the REF_SEL of AD9516-3 to 200M difference clock from external chip.but How do I connect the REF_SEL? The datasheet only tells me about REF_SEL…

  • We have AD9125-M5372-EBZ board for evaluating DAC.Could you please support us in evaluating this DAC AD9125.We are not able to generate DAC output

    1. We are able to configure the PLL AD9516 to generate required clocks for DAC AD9125 chip( REF CLK, DAC CLK).
    2. Digital data along with clock is given through FPGA.
    3.DAC is configured through SPI using register configuration given in ACE GUI software…

  • AD9516 reference spurs

    Dear All,

    I am using the AD9516-0 to clock the AD9122.

    • reference frequency = 122.88MHz
    • DAC sampling = 983.04MHz
    • PFD frequency = 61.44MHz

    Around the 983.04MHz, I can observe a lot of spurs every 61.44MHz.

    What is the maximum reference spurious…